Friday Five Finds - Health & Beauty Benefits of Pumpkins

Friday Five Finds: Health & Beauty Benefits of Pumpkins

I meant to write this post, yesterday, but I spent most of the day working on a very important charity project, the 2015 Shop 4 Vasculitis Campaign. More details to come.

As usual, by the time I picked up Ilana from day care (FYI she fell asleep during the 10-minute car-ride home – too cute), the kids got fed, tomorrow’s clothing got prepped, dinner was made, a quick 30-minute visit from the physical therapist to relieve crazy hamstring pain happened, and then it was 10:30pm.

No writing was coming out of me at 10:30pm. Steve and I crawled upstairs, after a failed attempt to watch Scandal. Am I wrong, or is Bellamy Young, the actress who plays the first lady, the real star of the show?

But, off on a tangent I go.

Today’s, Friday Five Finds was inspired by my new baking obsession, Cookie DŌ – ready-made cookie dough that bakes to perfection, and is edible pre baking! Yes, edible cookie do that grandma will not take away!!! Stop, is your inner child as happy as mine?

So, I’m on their website and I come across the newest flavor “Pumpkin Chai Chocolate Chunk”. WHAT? This needs to grow on trees, ladies. If it tastes as good as it sounds, I may need to stock up and lock out the husband and kids. It’s going to be a major Meaningful Me Moments weekend.

These cookies will be my consolation prize for not being able to attend the Back to the Future concert at Radio City Music Hall, tonight.

Back to the pumpkins.

What’s so great about these orange fruits?

  • Need more oomf from your meals?
    • Stay fuller, longer by eating a diet rich in dietary fiber, which helps slow digestion. Hey, guess what pumpkins are made of?
  • Skin on your face starting to match the Halloween scarecrow outside?
    • The carotenoids that give pumpkins their orange hue, also help neutralize free radicals in the skin, keeping them from damaging the cells that speed up aging. It’s like ridding The DeLorean, for your face. (I had to get in one reference!)
  • On snooze mode all day?
    •  A cup of cooked pumpkin has more of the refueling nutrient potassium, than a banana. Eat up after the gym, to restore your body’s balance of electrolytes and keep muscles in tip-top shape.
  • Not sure which of your kids is talking to you?
    • Get a boost of aid to your vision from the Vitamin-A found in pumpkins
  • Can’t shake off that cold?
    • Get 20% of your daily Vitamin-C from pumpkins, so you can sneeze less and smile more.

Here are my Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home, focusing on Health & Beauty Benefits of Pumpkins.

Friday Five Finds All About Pumpkins

1. Sophie Uliano‘s DIY Pumpkin Papaya Facial Peel – I’ve been a fan of this woman since I  caught her on Oprah years ago sharing tips on how to live Gorgeously Green. Check out her site and be on the look out for upcoming posts where I’ll be chatting with Sophie on clean beauty, and greener ways to Always Be Your Best You.

2.Naturopathica Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel $56 – It was love at first you-got-rid-of-my-crazy-pregnancy-pimples sight.

3. Plum Organics hello dinner pumpkin, spinach, quinoa & baby grains $4.99 – This organic and nutritious meal came in so handy when I had to grab David, pack up in under 10-minutes, and head to grandma’s, on Tuesday. (Yes, she’s fine now. #ThatsHowThisFamilyRolls )

4. Cookie DŌ Pumpkin Chai Chocolate Chunk $17 for 16oz – I’m pretty sure I explained the SOS need for this product in every mom’s fridge, above. Ready-made, heck, even ready-to-eat, cookie dough that’s made with clean ingredients. Spoon out, bake for 10-minutes and smile.

5. Candice Kumai‘s Slimming Pumkin Smoothie – I couldn’t end this post without sharing a great find from my dear friend, Candice Kumai’s book, Clean Green Drinks. Try this tonight. If you have a fireplace, light it up, up, up, and enjoy away.

      • 1 1⁄2 cups unsweetened almond milk
      • 3⁄4 cup organic pumpkin puree
      • 1 frozen banana1⁄2 Bartlett pear, cored
      • 1⁄4 teaspoon pumpkin spice
      • 4 tablespoons (1 scoop) protein powder
      • 1⁄2 cup ice

As always, have a fabulous weekend. If you try any of these products, do let me know. Use #FridayFiveFinds #PiecesofPam.

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