Gifts that Give Back – Easter Seals and ElyseRyan Jewelry

Every holiday season, I’m pitched countless “gifts that give back” ideas. Often times, I’m guilted into mentioning the item somewhere on social media and/or buying it and never actually gifting said item to anyone. That’s not the case with Easter Seals Gives Back Bracelets, which I discovered, last week, at the Accessories Council’s Holiday 2014 Top Picks.

Created by nationally-recognized jewelry designer Elise Rosenstock through her brand ElyseRyan, the slim, charm bangles are crafted by high school students and young adults with disabilities via Easter Seals’ School-to-Life Program. Students learn the skill of jewelry making under the tutelage of Elise and her team, who provide direction, feedback and a salary. This is a game changer and confidence builder for these amazing kids.

A second level of giving back was built into the program when the students decided they too wanted to help a cause, and collectively decided to support United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council.

If you’re keeping track, here’s the goody-gum-drops run down: bracelets cost $35, students in the Easter Seals’ School-to-Life Program make a salary, and $10 is donated to United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council.

Easter Seals Gives Back Bracelets are expandable for larger wrists and squeezable for tiny wrists, like mine. The larger charm has a purse to represent women and the power of the purse to achieve change in communities around the world, while the smaller charm has a heart engraved with ‘GIVE BACK’. Bracelets are available in gold, rose gold, silver hematite, and two-tone. I purchased rose gold and hematite bracelets, and stylishly share the story behind my well accessorized look.


Showing off my Easter Seals Gives Back bracelets on Accessories Council’s mani cam

Accessories Council Holiday 2014 Top Picks

Posing with new accessory finds at Accessories Council’s Holiday 2014 Top Picks

Easter Seals Gives Back Bracelets

Easter Seals Gives Back Bracelets







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