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5 Ultra Cozy Throws to Sooth Stressed-out Moms

Hey Mamas,

The month of love continues, and with many of the kids being home for President’s week/mid-winter recess, let’s talk about love of home and wrapping yourself in love.

One of favorite things to do at home is to wrap myself in a blanket – cotton, cashmere, wool, I’m an equal opportunity wrapper. The blanket almost becomes a shield, warding off undesired sights and sounds. #momtruth

“Wait, what did you do or say? Sorry I’m in my cozy cocoon.”

Tahari Cozy Throw Pamela Pekerman

In fact, I love cozy throws so much, I’ve been known to hoard them.

My excuse is that each blanket has it’s own purpose – one for the bedroom, one when I want to sleep on the coach, one when I want to wrap my legs while working in the office, one with a silly pattern just because, one for drinking tea in uber tranquility

Okay, maybe I do have a hoarding problem, when it comes to blankets.

For the purposes of this post, I’m sharing my 5 favorite cozy throws to enjoy before or after a long day of hustling like a mom. Okay, fine, you can share them with the rest of the family.

Cozy Throw Family Moments CuddlesCozy Throw Family Moments Cuddles

5 Ultra Cozy Throws to Wrap Yourself in Love

Cozy Throws: Verloop Knit ThrowVerloop Cozy Throws Pamela Pekerman

Super fun, super silly and super special, Verloop knits the more plaful blankets and corresponding pillows.

If you want to be extra silly with the kids, get matching Verloop knit hats, and pretending like your having an in-door ski and snow party. But, instead of hitting the slopes, give them two scoops of vanilla ice-cream and decorate your edible snow man with M&M and other candies. ($98)

Verloop Knit Cozy Throw

Cozy Throws: Williams Sonoma Cashmere & Wool Equestrian Throw

Williama Sonoma Home Equestrian Cozy Throw

I spotted this throw at a press event, back in November, when Williams Sonoma Home was opening their first store in Manhattan. It was love at first touch. When we move to Westchester, this spring, I’m getting different versions of this throw  for the guest room, my office and the family room!  It’s worth every single penny. ($399)

Cozy Throws: JCPenney 2-Pack Cotton Blanket

JCPenney cozy throw

Two great cotton blankets, at one sweat price. They are currently on sale for $42, for both.

These are great to keep outside when the days are warm, but the nights are still a bit chilly. When we move, I’m planning to get three sets in the same color family, to give out to guests lingering after a pool-party that might morph into a late-night re-BBQ party! ($42)

Cozy Throws: Sferra Celine Blanket

Sferra Celine Blanket Cozy Throw

The first time I heard the name Sferra, was during my stay at Viceroy St. Lucia.

The bedding was so amazing, I placed an order for one set of sheets, pillows and pillow covers. A few months later when our eldest daughter, Ilana, arrived, I was gifted the Sferra Celine Blanket. It’s warm, yet light weight, and a little dash of luxury for my princess.


Cozy Throws: Tahari Home Faux Fur and Double-sided Knit Blanket

Tahari Home Cozy Throw

Tahari Home Cozy Throw

Over the years, I’ve gifted more blankets than you can image – and not just to myself!

HomeGoods and TJMaxx are a great source for Tahari Home Knit, Faux Fur, or – my personal fav – double sided fur/knit blankets. At under $50, sometimes even under $30, you can’t go wrong with this home find.


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