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The Ilya Peckerman Research Fund was founded in 2010 in honor of Ilya Peckerman, a vasculitis disease patient, who lost his battle in December 2009. The fund raises money for the Vasculitis Foundation’s Research Program.


When somebody passes, we are left with two options: morn and try to move on, or morn, try to move on, and move the needle forward. The Peckerman family has chosen to move the needle forward, by helping raise funds in order move one step closer to finding the cause and cure of these rare, autoimmune diseases.


Spearheaded by TV Personality and Lifestyle Expert Pamela Pekerman, the Ilya Peckerman Research Fund focuses on two key marketing and fundraising initiatives throughout the year: an annual Silent Auction in May coinciding with Vasculitis Awareness Month, and the Shop 4 Vasculitis campaign from mid-November through end of December.


Ilya Peckerman lived a life full of love, energy and zest. From playing volleyball with the 20-year-olds, to enjoying a fishing trip with his contemporaries, our father was the center of every social scene. We carry his vivacious, youthful spirit in our hearts, and share his “carpe diem” attitude with everyone that is supporting, fighting and moving the needle forward, in the vasculitis community.


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The Vasculitis Foundation supports and empowers patients through education, awareness and research.  The Vasculitis Foundation was founded in 1986 by Marilyn Sampson, a Wegener's patient and registered nurse.   The VF was established to alleviate the isolation that patients and their families experience when these life-threatening diseases affect them.  The VF educates people diagnosed with vasculitis, raises awareness of vasculitis with the general public and the medical community, and funds research to help determine the cause, develop more effective treatments and ultimately discover the cure for the disease.   In 2001 the VF established its Small Grant Research Program (now the Research Program) and  has funded over $1,000,000 to research the cause and treatment of vasculitis. The Research Program funds studies seeking the cause(s) of vasculitis, more effective treatments and a cure for vasculitis. The VF Medical Consultants are among the world's finest and most experienced doctors who care for patients and conduct research; they also provide free consultation to physicians treating patients with vasculitis. The Vasculitis Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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