70s accessories spring 2015 trend on ct style

70s Accessories Spring 2015 Trend on ABC CT Style with Lifestyle Expert Pamela Pekerman

If you live in Connecticut, I hope you had a chance to check on my groovy, 70s Accessories Spring 2015 Trends segment on ABC’s CT Style, which aired this morning at 9am.

I feel blessed that I was able to spend my Thursday morning with such lovely people, including the glowing, 8-month-pregnant, co-host Teresa Dufour . (Bonus blessing that my hubby opted to drive me to the studio, and work remotely from the car, while I did my think on set. Five hours in the car with my beloved )equals happy wife!)

Oh, but I digress. The accessories …

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for 1970’s style and accessories:

  • Don’t over do it. A denim jumpsuit, paired with a fringe bag, floppy hat and chevron print sandals only works on Rachel Zoe.
  • Choose one or two accessories and mix them with your existing wardrobe.  For instance, layer a wooden belt over your favorite little white dress and finish off the look with gladiator sandals.
  • Always accessorize for your age. If you were of age to rock the 70s look in the 70s, you may be too mature (I refuse to use the word “old”!) to bust out in full floral blossoms. Lets leave that to the teenagers and early 20-somethings at Coachella.



70s accessoires spring 2015 shoes

1. CornettiConca Gladiator Knee High Sandal $395

2. Valentino Rockstud 1973 Striped Leather Gladiator Sandals $1095

3. Saint Laurent Fringe-Trimmed Suede High-Top Espadrilles

4. Elyse Walker Alex Suede Fringe Sandals $495

5. PRADA Wooden-Heeled Leather Sandals $720



70s accessories spring 2015 handbags

1. Ramy Brook Camile Fringe Messenger $425

3. Proenza Schouler Multicolor Python Large Bucket Bag $2450

4. H&M Shoulder Bag with Fringe $30

2. J.Jill Straw Tote



70s accessories spring 2015 jewelry

1. Blue Box Jewels Sterling Silver Turquoise Triple Triangle Necklace $80

2. De Buman 18k Goldplated Oval Turquoise Ring $39

3. Passiana Gunmetal Fringe Necklace $50

4. Moira Anne Artisan Tree of Life Bracelet $28

5. De Buman 18k Goldplated Fancy Created Turquoise Ring $65

6. Belcho Textured Triangle with Circle Dangle Earrings $45

7. Pretty Little Style Goldtone Aztec Print Dangle Earrings $16

8. Journee Collection Vintage Multi-colored Acrylic Stretch Bracelet $12

9. H&M Fringe Cuff with Faux Raw Stone (not show in photo. Available in stores.)



70s accessories spring 2015 hats

1. AEO Wide Brim Fedora Hat $39

2. H&M LOVES COACHELLA Hair decoration with flowers $15

3. H&M Flower Hair Clip $7

4. Interlocking Disc Belt and Wooden Buckle $17

5. Natural Coco Beaded Stretchy Belt $15

6. AEO Tinted Aviator Sunglasses $15

7. Brown/Multi Silky Chevron Infinity Scarf $16



Blossom Soiree Family Product Shot

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Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Accessorize Your LBD for Any Holiday Party w/ Style Expert Pamela Pekerman, ABC Houston

Every woman should own the perfect LBD, one that transitions from work to weekend with key accessories. Here’s what I shared on the topic with ABC Houston’s Patricia Lopez. A detailed shoppers guide follows.

PS Happy Holidays to you and your family! Enjoy the festivities with love, laughter, and style.


The Little Black Dress look for versatility. The dress should not be too short, too tight or embellished with sparkles, in order to be an ideal fit for work. However, is should have some flair and fun details, so that it shines on the weekend. This Muse dress hits all the marks with the playful peter pan neckline, ruffled bottom and a semi formfitting silhouette. ($156 Muse)

LOOK 1 – Date Night  The inspiration was Audrey Hepburn with an rocken twist via the skull clutch.

      Black, leather opera gloves ($49 H&M;)
      Layer on pearl necklaces ($8-$20 Charming CHARLIE)
      Slim Crystal Tiara ($14 Charming CHARLIE)
      Finish off with finger-skull clutch ($19 Charming CHARLIE)
      Black pumps (model’s own)

LOOK 2 – Office  Make that same dress work appropriate by covering up with layers. 

      Cobalt blue cardigan ($39 Charming CHARLIE)
      Belt ($15 Charming CHARLIE)
      Black tote (Charming CHARLIE)
      Scarf ($15 Charming CHARLIE)

LOOK 3 – Club Scene In this setting, it’s all about shine overload, so go wild with mixed metals and textures.

      Clutch (Charming CHARLIE)
      Sparkling bangles ($14.79/each Charming CHARLIE)
      Metallic pantyhose ($63 Emilio Cavallini from AlexBlake.com)
      Peep-toe booties (Charming CHARLIE)

LOOK 4 – In-Office Party Forget about ugly holiday sweater and get your festive flair on with broaches or interesting pantyhose. But, don’t go overindulge unless you know it’s appropriate in your work environment.

      Oxblood pantyhose ($18.75 Mary Portas & Chanos from AlexBlake.com)
      Red cluster earrings ($7.97 Charming CHARLIE)
      Mix/match broaches in a cluster ($ Charming CHARLIE)
      Oxford shirt ($138 Elizabeth Daniel NY)
      Black pumps (model’s own)

Pregnancy Tales: MILF in Training vs Pregnant Slob, Make a Choice

I’m a MILF in Training and proud of it – confident, coiffed, styled and sexy all the way through my belly bump. Pardon my rant, but here goes. I’m sick of seeing so many pregnant (and while I’m already going there, non-pregnant) women looking like a hot mess. Would it kill you to tame your mane, wear something other than sweatpants while running errands, showcase your best asset (trust me, you have one, if not more!!), and for G-d’s sake put on a little rouge? Surely, you can, and you must, find time to get yourself together in the morning!   

I know what you’re thinking, “this bitch is crazy, she has no idea what my life is like, and she has no idea how hard it is to juggle kids/work/family responsibilities/guilt…” Maybe you’re even thinking, “Why bother? My husband isn’t attracted to my pregnant body anyway. What’s the point?” Or “Well, if I had a celebrity budget that allotted for a personal trainer, a nanny and other perks, maybe I could find time to look amazing like Jessica Alba or Gisele Bundchen, but I live in the real world.”

Allow me to confess, I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. However, I grew up with a mom who always – ALWAYS – looked put-together and taught her daughters the importance of looking good and living a beautiful life on any budget. She was a 360degree role model for how a woman should present herself because she knew it was her job to look good – for herself, for my father and for her children. Finances are not an excuse. If you can’t afford a personal trainer or even a DVD, there are plenty of tips online of what you can do at home with commonly-found items like a chair or nothing at all. As for clothing, ladies, I live in T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, occasionally visit H&M; and ZARA, and indulge (when it’s a worthy investment) at Bloomingdale’s and Saks. There are NO EXCUSES for looking like a slob and not caring. It all comes down to will power and your desire to NEVER SURRENDER your sexuality, sanity and self-esteem.  

The point and the reason for my rant, this blog and every segment I do on TV is that it, your appearance, DOES matter. Personal grooming and style are tools you and I should use on a daily basis to look amazing in order to feel amazing about ourselves. And, when we are pregnant and dealing with crazy pimples, peeing while sneezing (what the F!*K), sciatic nerve-induced limping and sleep deprivation, we can use every ounce of amazing goodness we can grab onto! Moreover, when we feel amazing we are naturally going to be better wives, better role models for our children, and more productive/happier workers. You know damn well that when you have your shit together, you have a whole different outlook on life and the challenges of the day ahead.

I truly care about you which is why I want you to WAKE UP, get angry with me and then realize your midnight craving for cheesecake or lack of desire to combat stretch marks, isn’t doing you any good.

As I sit here typing at 2:30am because my baby girl is kicking so hard I can’t sleep, I see two choices before us pregnant gals:  MILF in Training or Pregnant Slob. It’s harsh, but that’s the reality of the situation and there is no middle ground.

As always, I welcome your comments.  Something tells me you’ll have a lot to say.

Pregnancy Tales: Hitting the Gym – Never Surrender


Hitting the gym. Leading by example. No excuses. Most definitely aiming to be in the MILF in Training club. Must be beach ready for St. Lucia, come January. Celebrities aren’t the only ones who can look fabulous with a baby bump. See my inspiration, below.

Victoria Beckham

Kourtney Kardashian

 Gisele Bundchen
 Gisele Bundchen