Love Your Lips: Lip Care Products for Sexy a Sexy Pucker Valentines Day & Every Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Before I head down to bake Banana Bread with heart shape sprinkles and kick off a raging – RAGING- Valentine’s Day party with the hubby and munchkins, I wanted to share my favorite lip care products, so we can all have sexy lips.

Remember to Love Your Lips and keep it sexy every single day of the week! Feel free to use Valentine’s day to reboot and resassify your love life. Yes, that’s a word! Don’t let Vday be the only day you lock lips, wear thongs, trim your bush, etc. etc. Always Be Your Best You every single day. You deserve it. Your lips deserve it. And, now, mine deserve to wrap around … banana bread. (What did you think I would type at 10am? The kids aren’t even napping! I have some limits.)

Happy Kissing!

Lip Care Products

Using my wedding album as the backdrop to this kissable lip care shoot.

1. Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in Very Charming $36 – I’m all about multi-tasking products. Use this tint to add color to lips and cheeks, while also filling in fine lines and added some plumpness. Best of all, it’s free of synthetics, toxins, fillers, and artificial colors and fragrance.


2. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick in Melon $28 – I’ve finally made the switch to cleaner, greener lipstick because it’s the one cosmetics item I reapply over a dozen times, per day. And, it gets ingested into into my bloodstream every time I drink/eat. Eek. This moisture-packed stick not only has a fruity (non-laboratory smell) thanks to the fruit coloring, it’s also free of  synthetic chemicals, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives and other toxins, including lead.melon-900x900

The Food and Drug Administration is way behind the EU and Canada in terms of protecting women from potentially harmful chemicals in cosmetics. As a tip – and this will most definitely be discussed in future posts, as I get more educated on the matter – try to buy a lipstick that is also sold in the EU, in the exact same formulation. To learn more check out

3. Beauty For Real Lip Revival $14 – Lip scrubs are the new beauty step to add to your routine. I do it once  a week, usually at night. Just layer on a pinch amount, and gently massage onto lips. I like to leave it on for a minute or two – during which time I’m usually applying under eye creme. Then, I like to wash, pat dry and apply a hydrating, clear lip balm overnight from Tata Harper, or spa-out all the way and apply Patchology FlashPatch Lip Gels.

For DIY lovers, here’s an easy Honey Lip Scrub Recipe I found on The Honest Company blog.MSM-Miami-Shoot-Magazine-Beauty-for-Real-Lip-Revival

4. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm $20 – A few weeks ago, I was battling nasty chap lips and cold sores galore. Once the sores were  on the mend, I used this balm to repair my acky, breaky lips. It was remarkable. Since then, this FAB balm has become an in the bag essential. The secret weapon is Colloidal Oatmeal (not to be confused with the oatmeal I had for breakfast) which is knows to sooth and smooth skin all over the body.

FYI If you have a little one that suffers from eczema, run a bath and drop some Colloidal Oatmeal in it. The natural anti-itch property will relieve discomfort and sooth your munchkin’s skin.First-Aid-Beauty-Ultra-Repair-Intensive-Lip-Balm

5. Patchology FlashPatch Lip Gels $50 – These stay-put gels are so much fun to wear, provide a punch of hydration that you really feel deep inside your lips, and are awesome at night as part of your wind down OR in the morning to boost volume and get lips ready for a luscious day. Ya, I’m kinda obsessed. #NoImNotASpokesperson but #ShootIWishIWereLip_Gels__32184.1445629360.600.600

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Meaningful Me Moments: Breathe Salt Rooms, Salt Therapy




I love my life. I love my munchkins. I love my business. I adore (insert sappy music) my husband.

But, sometimes, I just need to be ALONE. I need put on my running shoes, and get to a place of silence. Do you ever get that feeling?

When I’m in the city, my go-to place for stillness is BREATHE Salt Rooms, specifically the one located in Oasis Day Spa on Park Avenue and 33rd Street. If you’re looking for your next Meaningful Me Moments destination look no further than these tranquil, salty spots.



I first visited this heavenly oasis, during the hectic holiday season.  Talk about needing an eject button!

What I initially thought would just be a quick 30-minute wind down from all the noise (translation: holiday shopping, planning, deadlines looming, driving kids to-and-fro doctors, trying to see everyone, trying to just spend time with the hubby, promoting Shop 4 Vasculitis, getting holiday cards sent out, focusing on making time for the gym, baking, holiday decorating, New Year’s Eve packing … was that all of it?) turned out to be a mini wellness retreat.

BREATHE Sale Rooms  have a ton of health benefits.

Salt is a natural and effective antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory mineral. Actually, Dry Salt Therapy, also known as halotherapy, has been used for centuries in Europe and Russian to improve health because it destroys the irritants that prevent optimal well-being. I actually use salt therapy to help improve my son’s breathing, especially when he’s having a wheezing, croup cough. Side bar: Mom’s worst nightmare happened Saturday at 1am, when we went to the hospital so David could be evaluated and properly medicated. But, that’s for another post.

Salt. Silence. Stillness.



After stepping into the BREATHE Sale Room, sans shoes, and taking a deep breathe, I was already feeling the cleanse within. It’s like a massive nasal spray, but way cooler because you’re on a lounge bed surrounded by luxurious Himalayan salt, in a cave-like setting.

The peach-shaded lighting sets the mood, while the minimal décor sooths your senses, allowing the salty air to administer its natural healing with each deep, cleansing breath.

That night, I found that I slept better, one of the many bonuses of salt therapy. Others include: detoxifying the respiratory system, healing skin conditions, promoting better breathing, alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma, COPD, snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, flus and so much more. With winter still in full swing, I would definitely recommend a few visits.

I love how the founders of BREATHE Sale Rooms call this place “a toothbrush for your lungs and skin”. It’s truly the ultimate cleanse for your respiratory system, as well as your mind.

Next Meaningful Me Moments, trying out the Salty Yoga and Meditation classes. Who wants to join me? Call one of their four locations in NYC or Westchester for schedules.Breathe Salt Rooms

And, if you find yourself in Brooklyn, my uncle’s yoga studio, Yoga Spot NY and the adjacent Center of Traditional and Oriental Medicine, you can enjoy a lovely salt room. His center has been using therapeutic Himalayan salt rooms for wellness practices since 2012, making them one of the first on the East Coast. #ProudNiece

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Real, Honest Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide: All We Want is Sleep Sanity & Sex

I’ve really thought about this … and I’ve already mentioned in many posts that I don’t have that much time to think! As a mom, all I really want is SLEEP, SANITY and SEX.

I want to sleep enough, so that I can stay sane, focused and organized during the day, and have enough energy to make it through the night, aka sex. That last part is very important. (Sidebar – if you’re regularly opting out because you’re too tired, you need to hire a babysitter/phone-a-friend/take more mini vacations/staycations with no kids in the house … you get the idea. I’m very passionate about lots of passion. But, we can talk about that another time.)

After taking all of the above into consideration, I’ve picked some of my absolute favorite items that will make sure the mom’s in your life actually get gifts that will make them happy, gifts that will allow them to Always Be Your Best You. This is my honest, from the heart, Mothers Day Gift Guide.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for more Sleep, Sanity & Sex

mothers day gift guide for sleep, sanity and sex

1. Perpetual Shade Arianna Lace Eye Mask $69 – Since becoming a mom, all lights and sounds bother me. I need total darkness, if I’m to have quality sleep. These shades are luxury for my eyes. You really want quality material touching your delicate skin.

2. Tata Harper Aromatic Bedtime Treatment $60 – I’m addicted to this soothing aroma. It’s the last think I do before I hit the pillow. FYI It’s nursing mom approved – non-toxic, all natural.

3. Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Family’s Experiment with Holy Time by Rev. MaryAnn McKibben-Dana $16- Putting a book on this list is ridiculous. Most young moms don’t have time to read, unless that’s our planned Meaningful Me Moments. But, for those times when we carve out our me time, and we are in the mood to read, this is the book to pick up. I read this while making milk for baby David, last summer. Mom will laugh, maybe cry, and perhaps be inspired.

4. Erin Condron Weekly Schedule Pad $30 and Desk Pad $30 – Staying organized it top priority, if you’re to have any sanity in your life. As an organizational duntz – I’m trying – I’m addicted to everything from this colorful, well-designed brand. It’s no surprise that Erin is a busy mom, herself. She really gets what we need to manage our lives.

5. Lyve Home $299 – Moms love to take pictures. Moms love to be organized. Somebody at Lyve loves moms. Think of this handy device as a cowboy that wrangles all your photos into a file cabinet all your own. It’s a “cabinet” that you can access anywhere, at any time without having to keep thousands of photos and videos on your smart phone. This was a game changer in my home.

6. Keurig 2.0 K550 Brewing System in Marsala $200 – Does a good coffee/tea machine need explaining? #Sanity

7. LAYNEAU Collection Isabella Dressing Gown $2200 – The photo doesn’t do this blush chiffon robe any justice. This is the robe you wear in your bedroom that seductively, begs for a reveal. I like to wear it in front of strangers. See below for explanation.

8. Nevaeh Intimates Pleasure Romper $202 – The name alone won me over. Listen up guys, your gal wants sexy lingerie, but a teddy is so typical. A romper, now that’s fresh and sexy. Plus, ladies, it’s so much more comfortable to sleep in through the night. Why only put it on and lake it off? Imagine the extra special wake-up you might get if you’re greeting him in this, in the morning?

9. Arielle Haspel’s jeWELLry i love me ring $395 (for Rose Gold with White Pearl – my personal favorite) – Sanity isn’t just about staying organized with your time and things, it’s about staying focused with your thoughts. Sometimes, mom needs reminding that she needs to love herself. This ring, and it’s message, should be a mandatory mantra for all moms.


Trying on the LAYNEAU Collection Isabella Dressing Gown … at 3pm in the afternoon … in front of strangers.


Testing out some bedroom accessories before heading home to be a VERY normal mom! #WorkingMom

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Red Carpet Manicure Beauty Giveaway – Blossom Soiree DIY Nail Art Kit

Happy Friday. Happy May 1st. Happy it’s actually sunny!

Let’s celebrate with a Beauty Giveaway.

Two lucky readers will win Red Carpet Manicure’s Blossom Soiree DIY Nail Art Kit, as featuring in my 70s Accessories Spring 2015 Trends segment on ABC’s CT Style.

The Red Carpet Manicure Beauty Giveaway Kit includes: two LED Nail Gel polishes, an assortment of dried flowers, pearls, and crystals ($20). You’ll also receive the Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED light ($50 value) so you can give yourself a gel manicure at home.

As  busy  mom, I know what it’s like to be in a pitch for time. When I can’t make it to my manicurist, it’s comforting to have a go-to gel kit at home. Now there really is no excuse for chipped, unpolished nails.

Blossom Soiree Family Product Shot


To win you just need to Subsrcibe to Pieces of Pam. Click on the fabulous, coral envelope to the right of your screen. That’s it! Only Contintntal US Residence are eligable. I’ll randomly pick two winners on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 6pm EST. Good luck.

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