Innovative Products Created by Women for Women, Pamela Pekerman on PIX11 Morning News

After a hectic two weeks in The Land of Motherhood (hello temper tantrums, is this what you look like??), I was thrilled to wake up at 4:30am and head out of the house!!! for another PIX11 Morning News segment with the lovely anchor Sukanya Krishnan.

This week’s topic was “Ahhhh-Ha Ideas Created by Women for Women.” I loved spotlighting innovative creations by fierce female entrepreneurs, that are hustling to make their businesses better and our lives easier. There were SO many wonderful, innovative products created by women, that came across my desk, below are the six that made the final cut. Hopefully, I’ll be able to spotlight more of them in upcoming segments. Ladies, you inspire  me to keep the hustle dance alive!

Fashion Fix: Tucktails ($19.95) Just in time for tank top season, this camisole is longer in the back, so you can move with confidence and comfort knowing you’re not overexposing your main asset. You can thank two savvy Southern sister for helping us all finally say no to crack.


Leg Up on Legwear: Bootights ($25) Love your legs and worship your feet- no more sacrificing comfort for style!  These knee highs not only have pretty lace cuff detail, but also has a performance sock at the bottom!  Provides that extra warmth during early spring season,  adds a sturdier base preventing those rips, prevents feet from slipping in boots, adds arch support with sculpted cushioning for comfort and the moisture-wicking material provides ventilation so feet stay cool and dry!


Shoe-In: Shh-oes ($139) Ssh-oes founder, Mary Arnett, moved to NYC  from the suburbs. Wobbling to her apt in her uncomfortable heels from the subway, she was always very self- conscious about all the noise her heels made. Then it dawned upon her, why don’t you make quiet AND comfortable heels? Hello Ssh-oes! They were amazing on set, this week. And, the comfort factor helped me get through a whole day 5am-6pm without any foot pain at all. Don’t be ssh about it … tell your girlfriends.oliviablack1_large Face Pilates: NuFACE Limited Edition Petal mini facial toning device ($199) In just 5 minutes this handy, easy-to-use device gives your face a Pilates-worthy work out, resulting in visible face lifting fabulousness. Carol Cole, the creator of NuFACE, began her career an aestheticism specializing in high-end microcurrent facials. Understanding her client’s desires for a non-invasive, at-home, easy-to-use, anti-aging solution, she developed a handheld device that utilizes microcurrent technology for women who wanted to take anti-aging into their own hands. PS I’m going to announce a NuFACE giveaway … stay tuned!!


Kissably Ready: Kissamint ($19.50) Moist lips, red pout, fresh mint drops – who’s ready for a spring fling, with there husband of course!! Founder & CEO Joey Lauren is on a mission to create innovative products that deliver the highest quality ingredients to keep your breath fresh, lips hydrated and your smile fierce!Kissamint_WebOnly_65-300x300_large

Mom’s Helper: Kids Passport ($39/month for 2 classes and $99/month for 6 classes at Have you ever tried to find a good kid’s class near you, on YOUR schedule? Kids Passport was created by a clever group of female techies that wanted to help parents expand their kids’ social circles and continually introduce new & fun activities. Now, as fast as you can hail an Uber, you can scout their discovery calendar for fun, age-appropriate classes near you, reserve your spot (up to 2 weeks in advance or with only one hour notice- flexibility is so key when it comes to kids) …  and get all details conveniently texted right to you.  Mom’s you need to check this out ASAP! all_books2


Youthful Eyes in Minutes, Even If You’re a Sleepless Mom, Pamela Pekerman on PIX11 Morning News

I’ve always looked younger than my age. A huge chunk of that is do to amazing genetics – thanks mom. Another part is to good skincare habits – thanks mom. And, a final bit is due to minimal drinking – thanks mom. Wow, mom is awesome.

And, then, I become the mom! SHIT!

Erratic sleeping, constant worrying, breast feeding/pumping. It was starting to take a tole on my face, namely the area around my eyes.

But after 30-years of fabulousness, I wasn’t going to let a gorgeous 6lb baby be the cause of my skincare downfall.

I went into action, hunting down the best ways to not only take care of the delicate skin around my eyes, but also find ways to fake the “bright eyes, bushy tail” look that one has when sleep is so easy to come by.

This morning, I was happy to share some of my favorite finds for Youthful Eyes in Minutes on PIX11 Morning News. Below is a recap, in case you missed it.

Youthful Eyes Pams Picks PIX11 Morning News1. Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye 5. Serum $72

2. First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy Overnight Balm $38

3. Patchology FlashPatch™ Eye Gels $50

4. BECCA under Eye Brightening Corrector $29

5. IT Cosmetics BROW POWER Super Skinny $24

6. RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum $49.95

If you have a favorite product that help busy moms Always Be Your Best You, leave a comment below or find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Maybe, if I get my tech act together, you’ll soon find me on Periscope or at the very least updating my Pintrest page more regularly. That latter hasn’t been touched since Ilana was born in 2013.

Oh, in case you missed my last segment on Charcoal Beauty Finds click here.

And, tune in February 22nd to PIX11, when I share my five fashion must haves for an easier morning fashion routine. These are the pieces I turn to over, and over, and over again. They have saved me many mornings when my children aren’t as angelic as I like them to be, and I’m running low on time. Remember, always have plan a, plan b and plan S*!t so you can Always Be Your Best You whether you have 5-minutes or 50-minutes. Umm, if you have 50 minutes in the morning you might be reading the wrong blog!

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Charcoal Beauty Products, Beauty Buzz or Bust? on PIX11 Morning News

Wahhu! It’s 9:30am and I’m pumped for the day, despite being up at 6am, after going to bed at 2am …

Okay, I kinda want to plop down and take a power nap in the hotel bed behind me  (oh ya, did a 1-night Manhattan getaway with the hubby for some fun and extra sleep time before this mornings PIX11 Morning News segment).

Did you watch it? I shared some of my favorite Charcoal Beauty Products for your face, body, hair, even your  man. As always, it’s was wonderful sharing the morning with the upbeat, super mom, super anchor Sukanya Krishnan. If  you’re wondering if her joyful spirit is the real deal – it is!!! There’s nothing but warmth coming from that lady.

Charcoal for Your Face

1. Erno Lazlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar $45

2. Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask $3.99

3. Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Setting Spray $38   charcoal beauty products Charcoal for Your Body

1. Tree Hut Fig & Olive Detoxifying Mediterranean Salt Scrub $8.99

2. The Body Shop Spa Of The World Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay $24 charcoal_beauty2_pix11

Charcoal for Your Hair

HASK Charcoal with Citrus Oil Collection

charcoal_beauty3_pix11 Charcoal for Your Man Clinique For Men Charcoal Face Wash $20 (FYI my Mr. gives this product, along with the sonic brush with charcoal-infused bristles, a big thumbs up!)  charcoal_beauty4_pix11 And, because I love sharing all the behind-the-scenes scoop with you, here’s what went into 3-minutes of air time and why I decided to even do this segment.

I’m not a fan of beauty fads. I AM a fan of smart beauty products that help busy women like you and me save time and still look fabulous.

When I heard the beauty and wellness world buzzing about charcoal, I thought – really? That’s for BBQs. I need to learn more. So, I did some digging, talked to some doctors, pharmacists, spa owners, and women from various cultural backgrounds, and discovered that charcoal really is black magic.

Here’s the 411:

There’s common charcoal that you already can envision – if you remember what summer is like … what blizzard?? –, and then there’s “activated charcoal” which is regular charcoal that has gone through a special heating process. The process creates gaps or “pores” in the coal, and those gaps act as magnets attracting toxins and impurities – aka the nasty stuff – and then flushes said toxins out of your system or off your face/body, in the case of beauty products.

In today’s segment, I shared face, body and hair products that all use a type of charcoal to help aid in cleansing, decongesting and even minimizing the appearance of pores on your skin’s surface.

Pretty, cool!

Oh, you can also ingest charcoal. Just check out the supplement section at your local pharmacy. Trust me, you’ll find it. I even found it my local mom-and-pop pharmacy in Staten Island. Hey Delco Drugs on Richmand Avenue!

Turns out, everyone from my Ukrainian nanny to my party hopping friends in Mykonos have taken it at some point or another.

Activated charcoal adsorbs substances in the stomach and intestines, in a similar magnetic-like style that it topically does on your skin. Many cultures have used it to help with stomach bloating, and other purposes. It’s also been an effective tool in hospital emergency rooms with drug overdose patients.

But, here’s the skinny: taking activated charcoal along with medications taken by mouth can decrease how much medicine your body absorbs, and decrease the effectiveness of your medication.

Lastly, the newest fad is detox drinks with charcoal. A popular one is Dirty Lemon Raw Detox It actually tastes good. It has lemon juice mixed with activated charcoal and other ingredients. From my research, the point of an activated charcoal drink is not to have it every day, but to use when you over eat heavy foods (think burgers and fried) or over drink. Again, the aim is that the charcoal is helping to flush out all the excess you just took in.**

**In case you needed clarification, I’m not a doctor – sorry, grandma. I don’t even play one on TV! Before ingesting anything, it’s always best to chat with your doctor. Something that is healthy for one person, may be harmful to another.

And before, I have to hand in the card to this room, head off to a preview, charipractor appointment, hop on bus back to Staten Island, do laundry, get groceries and pick up toddler number 1, I wanted to let you know that I’m very commiteed to putting the best possible products into mysegments. I spent hours reviewing labels to ensure the ingredients are as clean as possible. As I become cleaner and greener, I hope you’ll join me for the healthier, happier ride. I want you to Always Be Your Best You, but do it in a smart, healthy way.

For those on the East Coast, WINTER IS COMING. Enjoy and make sure to have a little spa time #MeaningfulMeMoments, this weekend.

Pamela Preps for PIX11 Segment

Post-Its Prep Time, Finding the Cleanest Beauty Products for PIX11 Segment

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Pam's Picks in Bella Magazine

5 Fashion Essentials, An Editor’s Ultimate Closet Edit: Pam’s Picks BELLA Magazine

Have you  been to the newsstands lately? BELLA New York is blowing up and popping up on every New York corner, not to mention major hotels, top celebrity parties and TV segments. We’re playing with the big girls, and we’re looking really bella beautiful!

I’m so proud to be a part of the BELLA team. To be surrounded by passion is infectious.

Bella Magazine Editorial Team

Team BELLA at our New York Fashion Week Party

In the current September/October 2015 Fall Fashion Issue, I have my usual Fall Accessories Guide, a great spotlight on exciting buzz in the jewelry world, and my beloved Pam’s Picks. This is my favorite page  because I get to promote my Always Be Your Best You message, and help busy women, like you, find cool products and style choices that, I hope, make your days better, brighter and, well, more bella beautiful.

In this issue, I’m sharing my 5 Fashion Essentials – An Editor’s Ultimate Closet Edit. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I’m always raving about these brands. I wish I could tell you I’m a spokesperson for them (mama does love shoes and the shoes mama loves are quite expen$ive), but I’m just a humble fan.

Pam's Picks: 5 Fashion Essentials - BELLA Magazine

PAM’S PICKS An Editor’s Ultimate Closet Edit

In the morning rush of getting kids clean/fed/dressed and yourself put-together, you need a wardrobe that works like a stylish puzzle. These five garments have been life tested and crazy, working-mom approved by yours truly. I promise they will help you look flawless and spend less time fishing for fashion finds in your closet. In fact, you may never need to shop again … well, maybe just to get more of these items in the fresh colors of the season.

Tees by Tina Lattice Dress and Textured Pencil Skirt $85 and $50 – One-size fits most sounds ridiculous, but this brand lives up to the promise. I wore the same items pre and post pregnancy, and have shared them with women ranging in size 0 to 12!

Lysse Moto Vegan Leather & Suede Leggings $128 – Hands-down the best leggings you’ll ever own – form-fitting, yet breathable. Pair with a blouse and your go-to blazer for a sharp, comfortable office look.

Elizabeth Daniel NY The Tuxedo Shirt $138 – Finally, an oxford-like shirt that doesn’t bunch up, when tucked into your pants or skirt. I love to layer it under a short-sleeve dress, when the season calls for extra warmth. Oh, and it’s machine washable! (UPDATE THE SHIRTS ARE $49. Sadly, the women behind the brand have decided to close up shop. RIP)

Ramy Brook Robi Sleeveless Top $295 – This silky top is perfectly draped, with just enough coverage to make it office-appropriate, yet still a sexy winner for post-work drinks. This is another one of those get-them-in-every-color staples you’ll keep turning to day-after-day.

Below are some more photos from the amazing New York Fashion Week party BELLA Magazine threw to celebrate our Fall Fashion Issue. Nicky Hilton, our cover model, hosted the fete.

Pamela Pekerman at BELLA Magazine Fashion Week Party

Arriving at BELLA Magazine’s NY Fashion Week Party and Fall Launch Issue, hosted by Nicky Hilton

Pam's Picks by Pamela Pekerman in BELLA Magazine

Posing on the Red Carpet with Pam’s Picks on display.

Pamela Pekerman, Tamsen Fadal & Dr. Robi at BELLA Magazine Fashion Week Party

Posing with friends – Tamsen Fadal anchor PIX11 News, Dr Robi author/TV commentator (PS The Ramy Brook “Robi” top is named after her. Ramy is Robi’s sister!!)

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Being Real on TV

Back on TV & Being Real, Multi-Tasking Products for Multi-Tasking Moms with Lifestyle Expert Pamela Pekerman on PIX11 Morning News

TV is my favorite form of media. It’s live (usually), fun and I get to interact with interesting personalities. I also treat the camera like it’s my best friend, which I hope comes across when I’m doing my thing.

There was a time – aka pre-babies – when I traveled the country doing all kinds of segments.  At first, it was just bags and accessories, because I used to run an online shop, magazine and host live events with Then I had agents and other chirping birds telling me to diversify – that was the ticket to more money. So, I did. I started doing celebrity scoop, runway fashion reviews, home decor, college fashion trends … you get the idea. I went from being a solid expert in handbags to being a pointless, talking head. After a few years, I felt lost, but I didn’t know what to do.

Ya, and then I had BABIES!

After much soul searching and excess thinking (thank you to my dear sister, mother and husband for listening to my often, all-over-the-place thoughts), my life and my career are finally in sync.

Much like this blog, the segments I’m currently developing will focus on smart style and beauty tips and empowering lifestyle changes, for real women and busy moms. If it doesn’t save YOU time, if it doesn’t make YOU smile, if it doesn’t rock YOUR world, I’m not interested. Overall it’s about helping you and me find ways to #AlwaysBeYourBestYou, as well as find time for Meaningful Me Moments.

I can’t do a segment about college fashion. News Flash: I’m NOT IN COLLEGE.

I can’t talk about beauty problems and resolutions for women in their 50’s. I haven’t been 50 yet!

When I see a 20-something talking about style for all ages, I cringe. When a non-mom is telling me how my mornings are going to be easier if I use X product, I say, “Hey, toots, you have NO IDEA what I need in the mornings.” (Side note: to be fair, these gals are wonderful experts and TV personalities, they just don’t realize they aren’t speaking their own truth. Duhh. I was them!!!)

So, now that I’ve unloaded that nugget, I’m delighted to share that I’ve been getting back into TV land with a string of segments on PIX11 Morning News. It feels so great to be on set with my friend and fellow mom Sukanya Krishnan. PIX11 was one of my first television spots – thank you to my friend, and diva, Tamsen Fadal for hooking up a young, 24-year-old, back in the day!



Here’s one of my favorite recent clips that focus on Multi-Tasking Products for Multi-Tasking Moms. Yes, this ran during the summer and today is the last official day of summer, but most of the items are great all year long. Enjoy.

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Hot Trends in Spring 2015 Accessories Handbags & Shoes by Pamela Pekerman in BELLA Magazine

Hot Trends in Spring 2015 Accessories Handbags & Shoes in BELLA Magazine

Need another reason, aside from Pam’s Picks for youthful eyes, to pick up the March/April 2015 copy of BELLA Magazine?

This issue also has my semi-annual Accessories Report, dishing on the Hot Trends in Spring 2015 Accessories Handbags & Shoes.

hot trends spring 2015 accessories in BELLA Magazine

Sling it over your shoulder or slip your wrist through it, Spring 2015 bags are all about ease. Whether you are heading to the office or drinks with your girlfriends at N0.8 – one of Manhattan’s hottest lounges featured in BELLA’s shoot with The Good Wife’s Matthew Goode) –, you’ll want to accent with one of these bag-a-licious finds.

Amelia Toro Mochilas Bucket Bag, $645, Amelia Toro 229 10th Avenue
Nancy Gonzalez Small Metallic Crocodile Bucket Bag, $3,410
Ramy Brook Collette Drawstring Bucket Bag, $445,
Dooney & Bourke Patent Drawstring, $288
Ashlie Redmond The Bucket Bag, $405
MCM  Hedy Tango Medium Hobo, $825, MCM SOHO 100 Greene Street, 212- 334-9600

Patent of Heart Florence Clutch, $218, Delfino 1351 3rd Avenue
Ted Baker London Prissi Bag, $185
Joanna Maxham Franco Oversized Clutch, $325
Hayden Harnett Bowdoin Crossbody,$168

Continuations of the 70’s vibe we’ve been fashionably reinventing over the past few seasons, shiny shoes made with reflective leather or accented with sparkle, are the shoes to strut in, this spring. And, if you’re tired of wobbling on stilettos, block heels in numerous materials and shapes, give your feet stylish support.

Peter Nappi Isabella Boot, $695
Pierre Hardy Metallic Block-Heeled Sandals, $1155
Salvatore Ferragamoicon Maiella Block-Heeled Mule Sandals, $675
Dune London Harah $125
Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Paige, $79.95
Rachel Zoe Seneca Sandal, $395

Longchamp La Baronne Espadrille, $310
Stella McCartneyicon Metallic Faux Leather Espadrille Platform Sneakers, $650
Rachel Zoe Chandler Sneaker, $225
Dune London Amarie, $108
Dune London Brook, $129
Zuhair Murad Sandals with Mirror Effect, $1156

Pams Picks Bella March 2015 beauty tips for youthful eyes

Beauty Tips for Youthful Eyes, Pam’s Picks in March 2015 BELLA Magazine

Your eyes reveal secrets that you don’t wish to share, like excess wine from the previous evening, sleepless nights due to children, or corporate burn out. I’ve found exciting products and services that will help your eyes, and the area around them, look fresh and youthful regardless of how you spend your days and nights.

Pick up the latest issue of BELLA NYC Magazine and BELLA Long Island Magazine for Pam’s Picks on beauty tips for youthful eyes.Pam's Picks for beauty tips for youthful eyes

I already raved about 1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE Brand Contact Lenses back in December. This is a new category of eye enhancement lenses that have iris-inspired designs that create an outer darker limbal ring, to give eyes greater definition by creating contrast between the iris and white part of your eye. Additionally, an inner translucent light-effects pattern is layered over the iris to add depth and definition without changing the eye’s natural color. FYI Independent research shows that people are more attracted to women and men with pronounced limbal rings, which are associated with a healthy and youthful appearance. I switched out my old lenses for 1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE Brand Contact Lenses, and I’m a squint short of looking like Angelina Jolie. Ok, maybe, not Angie, but I’m a better version of me. What can I say, beauty is addictive.
Box 30 lenses $75.

With two babies born in two years, I know firsthand what lack-of-sleep can do to the delicate skin under your eyes. My secret to looking alive and fabulous even during those hectic, first months was Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum. I live for this product because the results are almost instantaneous. The Vitamin K helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness that resulted from the evening’s shenanigans. This is a beauty game changer and something I share regular on Instagram because you ALL need it!!! $72

The quickest, pain-free facelift can be achieved with perfect brows. That’s why a lovely, Russian woman in Brooklyn has been waxing my brows since I was 16-years-old. But, now, I’ve made the switch to threading after being bowled over by the artisans, and the spa-like feel, at WINK Brow Bar. Using organic thread, my brows were gently sculpted in 10-minutes. I walked out without redness, and feeling very glamourous, and high-brow. Stop agitating, pulling and aging your skin with wax or tweezers, and give your brows a beautiful break and shape. For added indulgence, don’t forget to try their Lash Bar and Makeup Bar, as well as the Face Bar which uses luxurious Isabelle Lancray products. Is anyone interested in a girls night out at Wink Brow Bar? Leave a comment below and I’ll make it happen!! XOXO #AlwaysBeYourBestYou, and do it with your girlfriends. 7 Greenwich Avenue, 212.600.1857,

beauty tips for youthful eyes in Bella Magazine with Maria Shriver

PS Can we discuss the amazing Maria Shriver on the cover of BELLA Magazine, for our annual Influencer Issue? A class act through-and-through, this trailblazer, motivator, philanthropist and mother has so much to share. Pick up an issue and check out the interview. For those looking to get to the core of what Shriver is all about and her commitment to empowering women and families around the world, check out

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Pam’s Picks: How to Accessorize Your Shoes, BELLA NYC Magazine

Accessories for your shoes? I’m in! Update your favorite black pumps or booties for the fall season with clever accessories from Heel Condoms, HUGRZ and Tainted Pepper.

Pick up the latest issue of BELLA NYC for my Pam’s Picks spotlight on these clever accessory brands, which help you maximize your existing shoe wardrobe.

Accessories for Shoes


Since it’s Thursday, here’s a #ThrowbackThursday to 2012 when I showcased Hugrz and other furry finds on FOX Good Day Philadelphia.

Style Expert Pamela Pekerman on FOX Good Day Philadelphia

Hosting Accessories Council’s Mother’s Day Event

Image courtesy of

Hosting a soirée, be it my daughter’s 1st Birthday Party or last night’s Accessories Council Mother’s Day Gift Guide, is invigorating. I love engaging an audience, making them laugh and sharing my stories. When I see people smiling and reacting to my words, it reinforces my belief that I’m following my calling and living with passion.

I went with the Matthew Williamson dress from +Rent the Runway. Image courtesy of
Guests, including +PEOPLE, +secondcitystyle,  and gathered at +BLT Fish to learn about the latest accessory must-haves for mom.
Scarves, jewelry, bags and so much more were featured, from great brands like +Hayden Harnett, Adrienne Landau and +ISHARYA Jewelry. Guests left with plenty of stylish tips and swag galore. Below are some of my favorite items of the night. More images are posted on my Pinterest page.
The hint of blue, makes this classic black/white tote more interesting. Since mom is a walking pharmacy, she’ll appreciate all the compartments. Isaac Mizahi, $298 
Hearts are such a boring, typical choice for Mother’s Day. But, this laser cut style is cool, fresh and on trend. Pico Designs, $65
A good vs a great scarf is all in the details, like hand rolled hem, finest Italian silk twill & meticulously designed print. These scarves have it all. Vasi, $360

Since I hate to be a tease, I’ve secured a special giveaway for two lucky readers.

RULES for Giveaway
  1. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Tweet a link to your favorite item from the event. All links are on my “AccessoriesCouncil Mother’s Day Gift Guide” Pinterest board. Include #ACTOPPICKS #P2Giveaway and @PamelaPekerman.
  3. Instagram an image of your favorite item from the event. All images are on my “AccessoriesCouncil Mother’s Day Gift Guide” Pinterest board. Include #ACTOPPICKS #P2Giveaway and @PamelaPekerman
  4. One winner will be selected via Instagram and one via Twitter. Limit to three tweets and three Instagram posts per day. Contest ends Friday, April 11, 2014 at 10pm EST. Winners will be announced shortly after.
More than a wallet, this can double as mom’s grab-and-go clutch while running errands or enjoying a date night with dad. olivia + joy, $58
Modern and lightweight, this isn’t your grandmother’s bead company. For the young, minimalist mom, this is the jewelry brand to buy. X by Trollbeads, $234
It’s no surprise jewelry is the top gift item for Mother’s Day.Surprise mom with these lightweight earring to bring out her inner goddess. Isharya, $118

Thank you to my long-time friend, mentor and president of the Accessories Council, Karen Giberson for asking me to be her co-host. I’ve known this amazing woman for nearly a decade and it’s a privilege to count her in my inner circle of diva, power women. 

Oscars Jewelry Trends for Less w/ Style Expert Pamela Pekerman

It was great to be back on The Couch with my friend Carolina and formally meet the lovely Jill Nicolini. In case you missed the 8:30AM  segment, here’s a shopper’s guide to all the jewelry on the table. 

Sometimes a little sparkle is all you need to lift your mood and smile at the world, so have fun with you baubles and indulge in these trends. They are perfect accessories for prom, a summer wedding, or a just-because-it’s-Monday.

Awards Season Red Carpet Jewelry Trends for Less

HEADBANDS– romantic rhinestone headbands from JCPenney  
Lupita Nyong’o in Fred Leighton Headband, Headband Trend

Vieste Rhinestone Headband $20

Vieste Rhinestone Floral Vine Headband, $25

Vieste Simulated Pearl and CrystalHeadband,  $20

Viesta Rhinestone Swivel Headband, $20 at JCPenney Stores


FEMININE TONES & STONES – delicate florals and cream shades from 
Cate Blanchett in Chopard Earrings, Feminine Tones & Stones Trend

Angel WingedCuff$36

Corona Collar Necklace$36

Jumbo Bloom Necklace$36

Prettyin Pink Studs$24


minty fresh and clear jewelry from Lia Sophia 

Nestled Earrings$48

Glazed Cut Crystal and Resin Bangles$78 each

Fondant Cut Crystal Resin Necklace$148


GOLD RUSH – golden treasures from  

Naomi Watts in Bvlgari bracelet, Yellow Gold Trend

Tri-colorGold over Bronze 18-inch Large Link Necklace$103.99

Mondevio 18k Gold over StainlessSteel Filigree Design Cuff Bracelet, $22. 09

EAR CUFF / CLIMBERS –  Ear climbers from  
Jennifer Lawrence in Ana Khouri earrings, Ear Cuff & Climber Trend

Ultimate CZSterling Silver Cubic Zirconia 2-pair Earring Set, $48.99

Ultimate CZ18k Gold over Silver Cubic Zirconia ‘X’ and ‘O’ Earring Set$47.59


Edgy Ear Cuff from  

CrystalOrion Ear Cuff$28

ARM CANDY – inspired by Jennifer Lawrence at Golden Globes, load up on black and crystal from  
Jennifer Lawrence in Neil Lane bracelets, Arm Candy Trend

RiccovaSilvertone Cubic Zirconia and Colored Enamel Bangle in black, $42.99  

RomanSilvertone Jet Crystal Rectangle Stretch Bracelet$14.09

CelesteSilvertone Clear Crystal Beaded Black Cord Macrame Bracelet$27.99

art deco and blue arm candy party from Lia Sophia $48 – $98
Golden bangles and cuffs from