Time to Shop for a Cause

I’m Thankful for Time, & Gifts that Give Back #Shop4Vasculitis

I’m Thankful for Time.

It’s pretty simple. I’m thankful for time.

I know the value of time. I know what matters, who matters, and where my valuable time should be spent to better me, my family and my community.

So, I’m taking some time, right now (while baby David sleeps and before the nanny comes allowing me to rush out and get props for tomorrow’s PIX11 Gifts That Give Back segment) to share with you where I’ve been allocating much of my precious time, over the past few weeks. Because, it hasn’t been here, with you, on this blog.

Aside from sick toddlers (never fun), getting sick myself (mom’s don’t get days off – bummer!), and the usual family/home needs, I’ve been knee-deep (sometimes drowning ) in planning a very important charity campaign .

The charity – The Ilya Peckerman Fund benefiting the Vasculitis Foundation’s Research Program to find the causes and cure of vasculitis diseases.

The campaign – Shop 4 Vasculitis.

What are vasculitis diseases?

Ya, I get that a lot. Vasculitis is a family of rare, autoimmune (aka the body is attacking itself) diseases that causes inflammation of the blood vessels, arteries, veins or capillaries. When such inflammation occurs, it causes changes in the walls of blood vessels, such as weakening and narrowing that can progress to the point of blood vessel blockage. Ya, it’s not fun.

Why do I care?


Well, because on December 18, 2009, my kick-ass, BBQ-ninja, fishing-fanatic, volleyball-champion, Barbie-shopping, always-recording-memories, never-complaining father passes away from Wegeners, a type of Vasculitis Disease.

Few words can explain what it means to lose a father, especially one that is so close to your spirit. We not only look alike, but share a similar child-like, whimsical approach to life. His physical departure felt like the rug was pulled from underneath me. In fact, not until my son was born and I realized that he has that same jovial spirit, did I feel grounded, once again, in the present world.

When tragedy strikes, we must morn, embrace our emotions, and figure out a way to live on. But, in moving on, we can also refocus our lives and allocate time to the people, the passion and the projects that make life worth living.


… which brings me back to the past few weeks, and my willingness to temporarily give up time with my family and friends in order to create Shop 4 Vasculitis.

With the holiday season approaching, I wanted to give you the opportunity to shop for a cause, i.e. vasculitis. As consumers, we have power to create change, gift from the heart and gift for good! Let’s shop for a cause with gifts that give back!!

With Thanksgiving kicking off, tomorrow, I’m so thankful for your time in reading this post.

I’ll be VERY thankful if you check out Shop4Vasculitis.com where you’ll find amazing holiday gift ideas from top fashion designers like Ramy Brook, cozy leggings from Yummie Tummie, beautiful jewelry from Laurel & Bleau, bags from 3 Lily Pads,  and much more.

I’m sending you a big THANK YOU and wishing you a fabulous holiday season.


Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Fashion Giveaways: Tees by Tina Lattice Dress

Brrr. Who turned down the heat, upstairs?

Today’s daycare drop off was bitterly rough, and extra difficult with two toddlers in two puffers.

Well, here’s a reason to smile while you sip you pumpkin latte: FASHION GIVEAWAYS TIME!!!Lifestyle Expert Pamela Pekerman wears Tees by Tina Lattice Dress

Enter to win my favorite, go-to dress from Tees by Tina. It’s the same dress I’m currently using for my 7-Day Fashion Challenge, the same dress I featured in November’s Pam’s Picks column in BELLA NY Magazine, and the same dress silhouette that served me pre, post and during pregnancy. Ya, it’s that amazing.


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  2. Follow @PamelaPekerman & @TinaStephens_Group on Instagram
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Only Continental US Residences are eligible. One winner will be selected on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 10pmEST.

Good luck.

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p2 fashion challenge

Smart Style Staples: 1 Mom, 5 Fashion Items, 7 Days of Style

If you’ve ever been flustered when facing your closet in the morning, join me on Instagram as I document my 7-Day Fashion Challenge, from October 19th to October 25th.

I’m challenging myself, and proving to you, that you don’t need a lot of money and a vast wardrobe to Always Be Your Best You. All you need are smart style staples that fit together like a puzzle, making the mornings a little less hectic. Because when your son’s food is on your robe, your daughter doesn’t want to get her hair combed, and your husband rushes out the door for work after taking a show (Sh*t when was the last time YOU took a normal shower?? Don’t answer that, and I won’t either), the last think you need to think about is: “Do I have anything nice to wear, today?”

FYI: Sweatpants at not an option! Please burn yours or we can’t be friends.

From daycare drop off to Costco runs, from meetings in Manhattan to a PIX11 Morning New segment (check out my fun “Belly Buster Tips and Tricks” segment this Friday 8-9am), I’ll only be wearing a combination of the five fashion items shown below.

These are my tried-and-true, working-mom-zone ahead, tested-in-toddler-tizzy land Smart Style Staples.

From Left to Right: Ramy Brook Robi Sleeveless Top $295, Tees by Tina Lattice Dress $85, Tees by Tina Textured Pencil Skirt $50, Lysse Moto Vegan Leather & Suede Leggings $128, Elizabeth Daniel NY The Tuxedo Shirt $49

5 Fashion Essentials

As always, the accessories will be crucial. Cue the shoe show.

Enjoy the journey and check my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds to get styling ideas and accessorizing tips.

Oh, and of course, there’s a GIVEAWAY involved, because you need another reason to love Monday … and me!

CLICK HERE to get the rules on how YOU CAN WIN the Tees by Tina lattice dress. I own this dress in five colors and counting.

Tees by Tina Lattice Dress

And, yes these are the same five fashion staples I rave about in the current installment of “Pam’s Picks” in BELLA NY Magazine. When I’m obsessed, it shows.

This reminds me of the time I found my dream wedding hall and cried in front of the banquet hall manager … negotiations were pretty much non-existent, once the other side saw the tears. Cue the not-so-happy finance that happened to only miss one appointment. Ya, it was the one appointment that shouldn’t have been missed.

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Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home: Rain Day Activities and Accessories

I get that it’s raining and a major store is possibly hitting, but why can’t I find any Stonyfield Whole Organic Milk? How many stores must a mom visit to get the essentials? (PS $5.99 for milk!!!!! This is an outrage. I should invest in cows.)

Oh, hi, it’s you again. Thanks for coming back. Good afternoon. If you’re on the east coast and sobbing about the wet weather, here’s hoping my rain day activities and accessories Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home will get you excited about being indoors, while some goodies keep you warm and dry when you’re outside.

Have a fantastic weekend. Unplug. Play games. Sit by a fireplace, if you have one. Read. Breath. Make love. And, get the hubby, your parents, or in-laws to help, so you can have some Meaningful Me Moments.

Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home - Rain Day Activities and Accessories

1. Cuisinart CFO-1000 Lazy Susan Electric Fondue Maker $28 – If my husband is reading this: Babes, we’re scrapping dinner and doing fondue. It’s Fondue Friday. This particular set is convenient because you already have trays attached for all your fruits, veggies, bread and such. I can’t wait to light the fireplace and dive in. FYI Gruyere cheese is the best option, if you’re doing a cheese fondue, because it’s low in moisture.

2. dav Victoria Rain Shoe $98 – There are a million choices for rain boots. In full disclosure, I have three pairs, but dav boots are my favorite. They feel and look more like regular boots than rain boots. If the rain ends mid day, I don’t look weird walking around the city. I’m just a girl in her kick-ass boots.

3. Echo Touch Leather Glitten Gloves $88 – I just got these, yesterday, at the company’s Spring/Summer 2016 Press Preview. How smart of them to gift editors something they can use now. The mittens are cozy knit inside, allowing each finger to move about, with a leather mitten outside that zips open to reveal the finger-touch technology, so you can text away and stay warm. This is going on my holiday gift-giving list for many girlfriends.

4. Melissa & Doug Nesting, Sorting Garages and Cars $20 – I was having a difficult time trying to get my son to be as focused on one toy, as my daughter was at his age. Then I realized he loves cars – the sound, the look, everything. This toy has gotten him to sit, play and learn for over 20-minutes! In addition to being bright and beautiful, these cars help you teach kids colors, numbers, stacking skills and more. My daughter loves matching the cars to their respective garages, while my little munchi boy loves to play with the wheels and show we where he finds the four circles, aka wheels. Rainy days get brighter when you have the right tools and toys. It’s always about planning. Right, moms?

5. Monopoly – The Classic Edition $20 – Please stop tweeking my favorite game! Why mess with a classic? Period. Love, Pamela (and Danny and Sasha – my oldest freidns and bridesmen. We would be the first to petition for no more morphed, messed-up versions of Monopoly.)

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Pam's Picks in Bella Magazine

5 Fashion Essentials, An Editor’s Ultimate Closet Edit: Pam’s Picks BELLA Magazine

Have you  been to the newsstands lately? BELLA New York is blowing up and popping up on every New York corner, not to mention major hotels, top celebrity parties and TV segments. We’re playing with the big girls, and we’re looking really bella beautiful!

I’m so proud to be a part of the BELLA team. To be surrounded by passion is infectious.

Bella Magazine Editorial Team

Team BELLA at our New York Fashion Week Party

In the current September/October 2015 Fall Fashion Issue, I have my usual Fall Accessories Guide, a great spotlight on exciting buzz in the jewelry world, and my beloved Pam’s Picks. This is my favorite page  because I get to promote my Always Be Your Best You message, and help busy women, like you, find cool products and style choices that, I hope, make your days better, brighter and, well, more bella beautiful.

In this issue, I’m sharing my 5 Fashion Essentials – An Editor’s Ultimate Closet Edit. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I’m always raving about these brands. I wish I could tell you I’m a spokesperson for them (mama does love shoes and the shoes mama loves are quite expen$ive), but I’m just a humble fan.

Pam's Picks: 5 Fashion Essentials - BELLA Magazine

PAM’S PICKS An Editor’s Ultimate Closet Edit

In the morning rush of getting kids clean/fed/dressed and yourself put-together, you need a wardrobe that works like a stylish puzzle. These five garments have been life tested and crazy, working-mom approved by yours truly. I promise they will help you look flawless and spend less time fishing for fashion finds in your closet. In fact, you may never need to shop again … well, maybe just to get more of these items in the fresh colors of the season.

Tees by Tina Lattice Dress and Textured Pencil Skirt $85 and $50 – One-size fits most sounds ridiculous, but this brand lives up to the promise. I wore the same items pre and post pregnancy, and have shared them with women ranging in size 0 to 12!

Lysse Moto Vegan Leather & Suede Leggings $128 – Hands-down the best leggings you’ll ever own – form-fitting, yet breathable. Pair with a blouse and your go-to blazer for a sharp, comfortable office look.

Elizabeth Daniel NY The Tuxedo Shirt $138 – Finally, an oxford-like shirt that doesn’t bunch up, when tucked into your pants or skirt. I love to layer it under a short-sleeve dress, when the season calls for extra warmth. Oh, and it’s machine washable! (UPDATE THE SHIRTS ARE $49. Sadly, the women behind the brand have decided to close up shop. RIP)

Ramy Brook Robi Sleeveless Top $295 – This silky top is perfectly draped, with just enough coverage to make it office-appropriate, yet still a sexy winner for post-work drinks. This is another one of those get-them-in-every-color staples you’ll keep turning to day-after-day.

Below are some more photos from the amazing New York Fashion Week party BELLA Magazine threw to celebrate our Fall Fashion Issue. Nicky Hilton, our cover model, hosted the fete.

Pamela Pekerman at BELLA Magazine Fashion Week Party

Arriving at BELLA Magazine’s NY Fashion Week Party and Fall Launch Issue, hosted by Nicky Hilton

Pam's Picks by Pamela Pekerman in BELLA Magazine

Posing on the Red Carpet with Pam’s Picks on display.

Pamela Pekerman, Tamsen Fadal & Dr. Robi at BELLA Magazine Fashion Week Party

Posing with friends – Tamsen Fadal anchor PIX11 News, Dr Robi author/TV commentator (PS The Ramy Brook “Robi” top is named after her. Ramy is Robi’s sister!!)

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home

Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home: All About Zen

Hello Saturday. I don’t mean to confuse you with Friday, by posting Friday Five Finds, today, but, as usually, yesterday did NOT go according to plan!! Oh, ya, that’s just life in The Land of Motherhood.

Two words: Swollen Eye!!

Doctors. Blood work. No day care. Exhaustion for all.

But, back to the Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home, that I meant to post, yesterday. PS Thank you to my father-in-law for walking my son, and Mr. Tchaikovsky for creating The Nutcracker, which is currently entertaining my daughter, while I type away.


1. Peter Pauper Press Tree of Life Journal $6 – Journaling has been part of my nightly routine since I was in middle school, but I haven’t been very consistent over the last  three years. Perhaps this notebook will inspire me.

2. Urban Infant Toddler Nap Mat $48 – I was searching for bedding that would fit easily on a day care cot, without sliding off. I also wanted something that was easy to bring back-and-forth, as we wash it every weekend. (I love when things are EASY.) This bedding is the smart solution for busy moms that what everything in one neat package – bedding, pillow, pillow case and pocket for pjs. Beauty sleep for Ilana and one thing off my to-buy list = zensation.

3. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain $7 – There’s nothing like a good book to wind down the day. (PS I’m a NO-TV-IN-THE-BEDROOM gal, because you’re either sleeping or not sleeping – sometimes reading – in bed. )  If you’re reading this one, let me know what you think. I’ve always wanted to be part of a book club.

4. Cockscomb Flower – Making floral arrangements is a passion of mine, and one of the ways I create Meaningful Me Moments. So, when I was strolling through the Farmers Market in Union Square, earlier this week, I couldn’t help but purchase a bushel of these lovely, velvety flowers. I’ve never seen this particular version of the cockscomb, so I was VERY excited to snatch it up for the home. Check out your local floral shop and ask about these beauties. They bloom from late summer until late fall, and make for a beautiful wreath at your entry way.

5. Rachel Brown Jewelry  14K Gold Ring with Swarovski Crystal Eye Charm $595 – Playful and spiritual, this is the next item I plan to purchase from Rachel’s collection. You can engrave it with the 72 Names of G-d, your Kabbalistic Astrological Sign, or keep it religious free with just a Name/Initials. Her jewelry has an explainable power. I know you’re thinking, “Pam, you need a nap!”. I do. But, I also know in my gut I feel better when I wear her jewelry. Chalk it up to a placebo effect, if you so choose.


This post was so close to being finished, save for a bit of editing and photo creation. I was hopeful to have a minute on Sunday – what I had was a deep desire for an EJECT BUTTON. #OneOfThoseDays … Which brings me to Monday. Hi Monday. You’ve been kinda good – except for the emergency doctor visit for David.

After dropping off Ilana at daycare, while putting David back in the car, I noticed a massive, MASSIVE bump on the side of his head. S#@t! Something hideous must have bit him in the car. Speeding to the doctor. Doctor checks all vitals and tells me he must have fallen. I didn’t see or hear him fall! Okay, but you’re good. Seven hours later, the swelling is down and I’m 100% certain it was a bug bit, based on the two side by side bits that are now visible. Assume 24 surveillance mode. Bug bites are no joke.

So, Monday, I still love you. It’s 4pm. David is OKay. I asked the babysitter to come over for three-hours, so I could catch up on work, go get some fun Sukkot decorations (ya I’m a bit late), grocery shopping, and pick up Ilana from daycare without lugging David.


Reversible Fashion Finds – Jeans, Tanks, Tights and More

I’m a huge fan of multi-wear fashion items. They save space in my closet. They are great for traveling light. They are ideal if your kid spills pureed vegetable soup on you, and you need a quick fashion fix – ya, it’s happened! You too? Read on.

Here are four of my favorite reversible fashion finds. Except for the tights, which are new, I wear the other items religiously! I hope they bring a smile to your face, and extra style in every step you take.

1. Bleu Lab Reversible Skinny Legging Jeans $128 – This is the item I need when I’m going to a restaurant with my little man. If he swings his arm the wrong way and some kasha falls on my jeans, I  dry up the spot in the ladies room and reverse the jeans. Boom. Instant fashion fix! (Ya, it’s a bit nasty having the jeans that were on the outside on the inside, but it’s better than having a stain for the whole world to see. Period.)


2. Tees by Tina Reversible Ballet Sleeve $58 – You may already know my deep, DEEP affection for this brand. It’s my top choice in the morning because of the ease with which I can slip a dress, tank or skirt on and have it fit like a glove, and accessorized in seconds. The ballet shirt, which I own in about half-a-dozen colors, can be worn with a deep scoop to the front or back, offering you a chance to show off more of your lady friends for after-work-drinks, if you so choose. I don’t have much lady friends to show anymore, so I’m going to drink to THAT now … at 10am :).  Does someone here a violin playing???


3. Hanes Reversible Tights $15 – As promised on the label, they do provide “move-with-you comfort”. I live for tights and am very picky in this category. I’m giving these an 8 because I love that I get two for the price of one, plus it was really silky on my skin. I’m not giving it a full 10 because when you flip to the reverse side, the hidden seem is no longer hidden. During the winter, if you’re wearing a thick skirt, like I did last night, you wont see it. If, however, you put on a Tees by Tina dress over the reverse side of the tights, the seem from your belly button to your hoo-hoo will show. Be advised.


4. Yummie Tummie Stephanie Tank $34 – Oh, Heather, I love you. This gal is a kick-ass business woman, mama and friends. She’s not my actual friend, well, not that she’s aware of, but she’s supported many of my events and my charity – Ilya Peckerman Vasculitis Foundation. But, back to the tank – it’s awesome. You get two style options, and that yummie, seamless shaping we all know and love form this brand. This is another one of those items I have in numerous colors. Actually, I have three is hush and three in white – just in case laundry wasn’t done on time. You know how that goes! Back up essentials.


Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Being Real on TV

Back on TV & Being Real, Multi-Tasking Products for Multi-Tasking Moms with Lifestyle Expert Pamela Pekerman on PIX11 Morning News

TV is my favorite form of media. It’s live (usually), fun and I get to interact with interesting personalities. I also treat the camera like it’s my best friend, which I hope comes across when I’m doing my thing.

There was a time – aka pre-babies – when I traveled the country doing all kinds of segments.  At first, it was just bags and accessories, because I used to run an online shop, magazine and host live events with BagTrends.com. Then I had agents and other chirping birds telling me to diversify – that was the ticket to more money. So, I did. I started doing celebrity scoop, runway fashion reviews, home decor, college fashion trends … you get the idea. I went from being a solid expert in handbags to being a pointless, talking head. After a few years, I felt lost, but I didn’t know what to do.

Ya, and then I had BABIES!

After much soul searching and excess thinking (thank you to my dear sister, mother and husband for listening to my often, all-over-the-place thoughts), my life and my career are finally in sync.

Much like this blog, the segments I’m currently developing will focus on smart style and beauty tips and empowering lifestyle changes, for real women and busy moms. If it doesn’t save YOU time, if it doesn’t make YOU smile, if it doesn’t rock YOUR world, I’m not interested. Overall it’s about helping you and me find ways to #AlwaysBeYourBestYou, as well as find time for Meaningful Me Moments.

I can’t do a segment about college fashion. News Flash: I’m NOT IN COLLEGE.

I can’t talk about beauty problems and resolutions for women in their 50’s. I haven’t been 50 yet!

When I see a 20-something talking about style for all ages, I cringe. When a non-mom is telling me how my mornings are going to be easier if I use X product, I say, “Hey, toots, you have NO IDEA what I need in the mornings.” (Side note: to be fair, these gals are wonderful experts and TV personalities, they just don’t realize they aren’t speaking their own truth. Duhh. I was them!!!)

So, now that I’ve unloaded that nugget, I’m delighted to share that I’ve been getting back into TV land with a string of segments on PIX11 Morning News. It feels so great to be on set with my friend and fellow mom Sukanya Krishnan. PIX11 was one of my first television spots – thank you to my friend, and diva, Tamsen Fadal for hooking up a young, 24-year-old, back in the day!



Here’s one of my favorite recent clips that focus on Multi-Tasking Products for Multi-Tasking Moms. Yes, this ran during the summer and today is the last official day of summer, but most of the items are great all year long. Enjoy.

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Friday Five Finds Mom, Baby and Home

Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby and Home: Time Savers

Second day in a row of blogging. I know. It’s epic! It’s 9:30am, I finished this post in 35-minutes – granted many of these goodies have been on my radar for months. I’m delighted to share them. Oh, and in case you wanted to know, I’ve been up sine 6:15am, like most of you gals … morning rush – laundry folding, baby feedings, edited beauty routine (yup 3-out-6 only) daycare drop off, nanny finally comes at 9am. Wahhuu. Friday is my work day, and a change for some extra Meaningful Me Moments time.

But first, here are my first Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby and Home, in a very long time! Enjoy. They all focus on saving busy moms time in the morning. You welcome. Leave a comment and let me know if you have a go-to time saving product or tip.


1. Party Partners Design Fancy Pre-Folded Paper Party Napkins $10/24 Napkins – I spotted these at Flying Tiger, a really cool store from Copenhagen that’s kind of like IKEA meets Bed Bath & Beyond meets the funnest DIYer. Yon can also find them on Amazon. My guests love them and it looks great on the table.

2. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion $60 – Obsession!!!! Cushion is the new wave in coverage. It’s lightweight, amazing coverage and has SPF50. If I have time for no other makeup, this – and mascara, of course – is the can’t-skip item. Seriously, it only takes a hot second to put it on. Please don’t leave home without it! #AlwaysBeYourBestYou

3. Remington Hair Bendable Head Wrap $7 – For those morning when a comb in not an option. There are over a dozen styles to create. Play around – when, um, if, you have time. Otherwise, wrap a bow and head out the door. Showers are options.

4. Plum Organics Grow Well Tummy $2.39  – This is a new product, which I just learned about this week at a fun Parenting Expo hosted by Cercone Brown Company. Plum Organics is my go-to for ready-made snacks. Usually we make everything, but sometimes I’m tired or we’re traveling and I just need a break. Any who, the new “Grow Well” collection has four categories focusing on what parents worry about most – tummy (ya that’s me now!), muscles, bones, and dha. Ilana is already enjoying her Tummy packets.

5. Keds Double Decker Quilted Jersey $55 – A comfy, stylish and easy choice that gets me out the in seconds. Plus, there’s a little wedge for minis, like me.

Have a wonderful weekend. Count those blessings. Oh, and come back next week. Maybe there will be NEW content. What? It could happen :).

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Tina Goldfield interview with Pamela Pekerman

Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield on growing her business, juggling motherhood and Spring 2015

Dear Tees by Tina,

You wrapped me in fashionable love during my pregnancies, and keep me looking sharp when my tummy is flat.

You are with me at work and on the weekend. 

You make getting dressed a stylish, time-saving snap.

I love you so much, I wish you made sexy lingerie so that we could be together all the time …

Style Expert Pamela Pekerman Tees by Tina

One dress took me through two pregnancies, and is still worn today! Tees by Tina is a wardrobe game change.

Oh, sorry, you’re all readying this! That was kinda of private.

What can I say, I’m OBSESSED with Tees by Tina. I’ve featured the brand on BETTER TV, in time-saving blog posts like this one on 1 shirt 7 outfits, BELLA Magazine, basically everywhere I go, something from Tees by Tina comes with me. There’s just nothing like finding a brand that makes it easy to stay stylish and not rummage through your closet for the perfect look, when you have zero time left to get out the door and make your meeting because today was the day your daughter decided the nanny WAS NOT going to be allowed to dress her!! YES, this has happened.

It was a thrill to connect with Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield and find out how this former Pilates instructor is taking the fashion world (including every smart, savvy female celebrity) by storm!

Enjoy my interview with Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield on growing her business, juggling motherhood and the current spring 2015 collection.

Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield

Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield, we’re secretly BFFs. It’s a secret to Tina. 

P2: For those who don’t know, and I feel VERY sorry for their closets, tell us about Tees by Tina?
Tina: Tees By Tina is the ultimate in ultra-comfortable fashion solutions for every woman. It all started when I realized there was a need in the marketplace for a top that would be ideal for both day and play. After five short years and explosive growth, the brand now offers a complete lifestyle collection of tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, leggings, active and maternity wear, expertly crafted using seamless technology and a unique blend of the softest yearns with incredible memory.

P2: At what point did you realize, “Wow, I’m onto something big?”
Tina: The Classic Smooth Tank was the very first product I designed, and I realized that I was onto something when my friends and former Pilates clients would show up to class and immediately ask to see what new colors were available in that design. I started developing more styles from there.

Tees by Tina classic smooth tank

Tees by Tina classic smooth tank, $38

P2: Who is the Tees by Tina woman? How are you helping her “Always Be Your Best You”?
Tina: Tees By Tina is every woman! From the ‘cutie patootie’ just starting out in her career, to the stay-at-home mom and pregnant woman (yes – we have lots of things for maternity!), our brand caters to the wardrobe needs of a woman on-the-go, but who still wants to look good and be comfortable. I make clothes that enhance more than just how women look and feel – I make clothes that can become part of a lifestyle and work beautifully with any existing wardrobe. I want to help women believe in themselves and love their bodies, no matter their size, shape, or age.

Tees By Tina Model Shot Spring 2015

Tees by Tina works for pregnant gals, moms, and teens. Mix, match and make it your own.

P2: What’s it like being a working mom? Do you have any tips for juggling it all?
Tina: I think I have the same issues as everyone else. It doesn’t all ever get done. Wireless internet is great – I take my laptop when getting a pedicure. I think the most important thing is to be there for the times when your kids really need you. Also – TEXT! It allows me to check in throughout the day and let them know I am thinking of them even when we might not have 10 minutes to chat on the phone.

P2: Is there something you tell you kids about your job and/or something you do with them after a long day at work?
Tina: I tell them that no matter how much I love what I do, the most important thing to me is being a wife and mother. That, and – hard work pays off – you make your own luck.

P2: What’s your dream for the brand?
Tina: My dream for Tees By Tina is to continue to meet the needs of our customers. One way I hope we will continue addressing the wardrobe needs of our core customer is through the launch of the TINA Stephens Collection, our new cut-and-sew label that features a wide selection of simple and sophisticated pieces women can easily integrate into their wardrobes for instantly pulled together style. The line’s flowy tunics, collared shirtdresses, and loose fitting trousers are perfect for women wanting to look relaxed and effortlessly polished. And what’s really great about the TINA Stephens Collection is that the designs complement the seamless Tees by Tina product very well.

TINA Stephens storefront

TINA Stephens storefront, which also carries the core Tees by Tina brand.

P2: Describe your personal style in three words.
Tina: Relaxed – but put together. That’s 4 words!

P2: What are your top Pilates moves for a healthy, lean body?
Tina: I believe any move that I can try to squeeze into a busy workday is great, but Knee stretches on the Reformer are always a favorite

P2: What’s new from Tees by Tina for Spring 2015?
Tina: Fabulous new colors, such as Seafoam, Pistachio and Sky Blue are new for Spring. We also added a couple new silhouettes to the line, including the Crosshatch Dress, the Lattice Midi Skirt and the Reversible Tank – a top that offers multiple styling options because you can wear the U or V neckline either front or back.

Tees by Tina crosshatch dress spring 2015

Tees by Tina crosshatch dress, $120

FYI This is me wearing a Tees by Tina skirt while interviewing Nina Garcia.