Lux Labor & Delivery Bag Essentials, Live from The Couch WLNY

Returning back to The Couch and shooting style segments, felt like the first day of school, today. In case you missed it, here’s today’s segment on Lux Labor Bag Essentials … because even when you’re huffing and puffing you can do it in style! Remember ladies, Never Surrender and Always Be Your Best You.

During Delivery
·         Jolie, bedazzled headband – keep your main in beautifully coiffed check
·         IT Cosmetics, Buy Buy Under Eye, Lip/Cheek Stain, Hello Lashes, – put it on, on the way to the hospital and believe you me, even if you are in labor for 24 hours (eekks!) your makeup will not give you away
·        BG Birthing Gown – because why should you be stuck with a boring hospital gown? (Disclaimer – I didn’t wash mine in time, so, alas, my gown waits for its debut with baby #2 … no I have no announcements, yet.)
·         Pinch Provisions, Labor & Delivery Kit from a stop watch to a back massager, this little kit has a lot of goodies for your partner (yes, put them to work!!) to help ease your stress
·         Jurlique, Rose Water Mist – instead of moist towelettes, you deserve to be mystified. Ask your hubby to spray you between pushes!
·         Noodle & Boo, Room Spray – create some ambiance with a light scent to sooth your senses and your nerves. Ah, another task for the husband.  
After Delivery
·         Only Hearts, robe – for those long walks down the hospital corridors  
·         Naturopathica, Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum and PlantStem Cell Serum – get into the habit of pampering your face with a quick 2 minute mommy spa moment each night. These products have helped me combat puffiness, dark circles and wrangle wrinkles caused by, well, just being a new mom! Let the hubby know you need this time if he wants you to maintain your pretty face and happy attitude.  
·        Belly Wrap – tighten that tummy asap. Wear it day and night for two months and you’ll see results. I’m STILL wearing mine around the house.
·         Noodle & Boo,  Afterglow Gel – tighten that skin even more
·         Mustela, Stretch marks Intensive Action –this brand saved my body from stretch marks. I’m almost completely stretch mark free! Again this needs to be part of your nightlight 5 minute spa routine. You must find time for yourself, and it starts from day one in the hospital*.
·         If nursing – nursing bra, nursing pads and nipple cream
·         GOGO by Therafirm, gradient compression leggings – helps with leg swelling, which happened to me after giving birth … wear them in the hospital as a preventative measure)
·         Hair Iron – pictures galore. Need I say more?
Reality check: you won’t find time to do all of your beauty routine, every day, but you must try. Skipping pampering/beauty time can be an exception, not the norm. Again, make sure your partner knows how important it is for your happiness and thus the happiness of your union and your family, for you to have zen moments in order to be your stylish, glowing self!
And for Dad  
·         Clothing: 3 Pack of Hanes t-shirts and track suit doubles as pjs; undies; socks
·         basic toiletries – toothpaste/brush, deodorant; etc.
·         Healthy, nonperishable snacks from handpicked monthly by nutritionist Heather Bauer … get dad and mom on the right track and makes it easy. Easy is the magic word these days
·         Magazines/book
·         Camera
·         Smart phone charger
·         iPad for Skyping with family/friends

Summer 2013 Color: Aqua Blue Green Style for The Office

Even if you’re stuck in a stuffy cubicle Monday through Friday, Never Surrender your desire for stylishly, uplifted summer fashion. Embrace the aquatic hues of the season in the boardroom, as you dream about the boardwalk.

Aquatic Fashion Summer 2013

Clockwise from left: Ramy Brook Bella Blouse ($375), Love Alex Alder Shoulder Bag ($1460), Kate Spade New York Paloma Pumps ($182), Torn by Ronny Kobo ($198), La Mer Collections Simple Wrap Watch ($88), Boden Skinny Belt ($38), Ohne Titel Dress ($276)

Blinged Out at Home, Jeweladi Wrap Bracelets

Just because I’m working from home doesn’t mean I allow myself to sit in front on my computer without makeup, in a robe and fuzzy slippers. Quite the contrary, my darlings. I’m well coiffed, well accessorized and clinging to my Never Surrender mantra.

When it comes to bling, I seek items that aren’t fussy and will allow me to pick up Ms. Ilana Rose, aka my baby girl, without worrying if I’ll poke her precious skin. Currently, I’m loving wrap bracelets of all kind, including this leather and glass bead number from jeweladi. Do support this fabulous, young designer. She’s a mommy, as well!

Jeweladi bracelets, spring/summer 2013

Sexy One Piece Swimwear for New Moms on the Beach

Hitting the beach less than two months after giving birth is no easy task, even for mini gals like myself. Every woman who’s given birth knows that you can’t exercise for 4-6 weeks. Moreover, if you are breastfeeding, you have an urge to eat up a storm in order to maintain your energy level and proper milk production. So, what’s a new mom to do if she wants to Never Surrender and feel sexy? Work with the body you have NOW.

New mom poolside in Aquarella Swimwear New York Monokini

My mission, two weeks ago when I went to Miami for a bachelorette party, was clear: find a glamorous one-piece that accents my newly developed lady friends (bonus!), while synching in my tummy and hiding my excess back flab. This was my mission. Yours might be entirely different. You may have a tummy for much longer, hate how your legs look, detest the bigger boobs. The point is, for every style/beauty problem there is a solution to achieving one’s most fabulous state of beauty. (Darlings, pardon the British-esque tone in my writing. I started watching Downton Abbey during breast pumping and I find it quite marvelous to speak in such a manner.)

Where was I? Oh yes, me ;). I ended up wearing a divine black number from Aquarella Swimwear because it made me feel secure, stylish and, oh yes, SEXY, in the body I’m currently rocking.

Aquarella Swimwear 2013 (L) Calypso Maillot (R) Phoebe Maillot

Here are two other Aquarella Swimwear pieces to consider, if you want more coverage. While I’ve previously hated to spend over $40 for a bathing suit (which you can confirm with my sister, Michelle) I stand by the quality of this brand and it’s ability to keep everything that needs to be hidden, hidden, and everything that needs to be lifted, lifted!
Do you have a swimwear dilemma? Let me find the perfect bathing suit that will help you Always Be Your Best You, this summer. Leave a comment below and, who knows, maybe you’ll even get to keep the pieces I find for you!

Gwyneth Paltrow Fashion for Less & Me on The Radio

Being eight and a half months pregnant has naturally cut me off from most of my work – not that I mind! But, G-d bless radio. It’s the only media outlet, aside from this blog, which I can contribute to without leaving my home.

This morning, I taped a spring trends segment for the Jim and Kim Morning Show on 102.7NY, which will air tomorrow, April 2nd, at 6:40am. The focus is Gwyneth Paltrow’s recently released Spring Edit list, her must-haves for the season. The list, or rather the near $500,000 value, caused quite a ruckus in the fashion media world. Here are my two cents:
Gwyneth Paltrow, Spring Edit “Maxi at Home”
1)   Like Vogue, Elle Décor and and watching the Oscar’s Red Carpet , these looks are meant to inspire. That being said, several (that’s the name of Paltrow’s site) readers can actually afford the items the actress recommends. Don’t hate.
2)   But, here’s why you’ll hear me say on 102.7NY that Paltrow is “delusional”:
If you’re listing options, not just giving looks of inspiration, it would be nice to offer at least one option under $100. 
Everyone deserves to look beautiful, feel fabulous and, as I like to say, Never Surrender. Thus, I’ve taking several of Paltrow’s must-haves and found similar styles, without sacrificing quality.  
Affordable alternatives to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Spring 2013 Must-haves
Skirt – $59.99, MANGO
Top – $12.97, Century 21
Necklace – $25, Jeweliq
Flats – $44.95, DSW

Elisa Dahan Interview, Mackage Co-Creative Director, Stylish Mom & MILF Mom Is Looking Fabulous

With today being the official kickoff for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, here in New York, I’m thrilled to feature Mackage Co-Creative Director and uber-stylish mom of two Elisa Dahan. This Canadian-born designer is committed to crafting outwear that is sexy and sleek with a modern twist, and Elisa applied that alluring philosophy to her pregnancy and post-belly style routine. As you’ll see, she’s certainly early the MILF (Mom Is Looking Fabulous) title.

Elisa Dahan, Co-Creative Director Mackage

Pamela Pekerman: My motto on pregnancy and motherhood is: never surrender! How do you embody this motto in your life?

Elisa Dahan:Pregnancy is beautiful and sexy – show it off!
PP: What tips do you have for women who want to maintain their style while pregnant?
ED: Stretch fabrics will become your best friend throughout these nine months. The worst thing you can do to your bump is wear baggy clothing—bodycon pieces celebrate your belly and show off your curves.
PP: What was your biggest beauty issue during pregnancy?
ED: Stretch marks were most definitely something I wanted to avoid so I took preventative measures! Mama Mio creams work wonders – trust me!
PP: No need to convince me. I’m a huge fan, as well. Their Tummy Rub Oil and Boob Tube are part of my nightly ritual. Switching back to style, your specialty, what was your go-to outfit/item while pregnant, that made you feel fabulous?
Elisa Dahan with her husband and kids

ED: I would wear bodycon dresses or short shorts with a fitted blouse. Drawing attention to my legs made me feel sexy during my pregnancy. I think that all women should find one asset they love and flaunt it during their pregnancy

PP: We’re cut from the same cloth.  I don’t understand why a woman would want to all of a sudden drape herself in oversized, asexual clothing. Embrace the bellybody it’s key for your self-esteem and, of course, it keeps the chemistry in your relationship at full sizzle!
ED: Yes!
PP: Now, how do you teach your children the value of style, personal grooming and appearance, which clearly matter to you?
ED: My son is absorbing our sense of style and he wants to be just like us. All it takes is a little encouragement and your kids will be on board. My three year old son enjoys when I try clothes on him. When I dress him up, the first thing he’ll do is pull up his sleeves for an edgier look and then he’ll go to the mirror to check himself out.
PP: I hate the word “balance”, but you certainly have a on your plate. How do you incorporate motherhood, being a wife and a successful designer at Mackage, into your life?
ED: I love a challenge. If you want it all, it’s about making the time for what is important to you. I work hard, but I am also very domestic. To date, I have not bought pre-made baby food for my babies and I make dinner for my hubby almost every night, even after a long day at work. I love having a career, being a wife and a mom; it fulfills me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
PP: I noticed you mentioned wife before mom. I often say that my husband is number one, and without that solid, romantic connection everything else can’t work, namely having a happy family. How do you make sure that you and your relationship are part of the equation, and it’s not just about the kids?  
ED: The key is to have date night with your other half weekly. It gives you both a chance to stop and reconnect. However, it is equally important to focus on yourself; I treat myself to a manicure every week and don’t know what’d I do without those 30 minutes.
Elisa Dahan

PP: In two lines, express your feelings about motherhood?

ED: There is absolutely nothing more genuine than the love of your kids. Being a mom is amazing and scary at the same time, because you are responsible to help shape your children and they trust you blindly. I lost my mother at a young age. I know how important the role is, as I missed having that warm person it every day.
PS Check out Elise’s blog

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends – Pastels

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week kicks off on Thursday, and by next week, we’ll all know what’s going to be the it color, trend, silhouette and global reference du jour for Fall 2013. But, as much as love fall, fashion and forecasting, most of us are really just thinking about today and our immediate style needs. With the official kick off of Spring just a month and half away, let’s talk spring trends.

Pastels were all over the runways and now they are popping up in beautifully photographed advertising campaigns. Get inspired by your favorite macaroon flavour and softly embrace these angelic hues.

 Blumarine ad, Spring 2013
Mulberry ad, Spring 2013
Mulberry ad, Spring 2013
Etienne Aigner, Spring 2013 Preview
Kohl’s Spring 2013 Preview
Clockwise from Top Right: L.K. Bennett flats ; L.K. Bennett pumps ;
Elliott Lucca hobo bag ; Ted Rossi cuffs ; Kohl’s accessories ;
Stuart Weitzman sandals ; Stuart Weitzman flats


Frances Rivera: Stylish Mom, PIX11 Anchor, & MILF Mom Is Looking Fabulous

When you see moms and moms-to-be looking amazing, doesn’t that inspire you to kick it up a notch? Whether it’s a celebrity, a woman on the street or one of my friends, these MILFs “Mom Is Looking Fabulous”(TM) should be put on a pedestal because it is not easy to carry and care for a child AND look the way they do. In an effort to inspire all of you ladies out there, I’m spotlighting some of my favorite MILFs.
First up, PIX11 Morning News Anchor Frances Rivera. Frances is a dear friend, a talented broadcaster and one stylish mama. She recently came back from maternity leave, after giving birth to her second child. If you live in NY/NJ, catch her weekdays 7-9am on channel 11.
Frances Rivera
Pamela Pekerman: My motto on pregnancy and motherhood is: never surrender! Never surrender you sexuality, style and sanity. How do you embody this motto in your life?  
Frances Rivera: Don’t lose your true fab self!  I’ve seen so many of my most fab friends enter “Mommy World” only to never exit.  You know the type – Mommies who neglect or abandon everything in their previous lives and turn into these unrecognizable Mommy Machines. For them, suddenly the rest of the world no longer exists.  
PP: I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s hard to see someone slip away and not realize how they are impacting their husband, their family and of course themselves.
FR: Yes, I’ve lost many a friend to that world even if we both have kids in common. I just think moms can strike a balance.  When it’s lopsided to that extent, I stand on the other side of that “Mommy World” and sadly wave goodbye to my friend as the door closes.
PP: What was your biggest beauty issue during pregnancy?
FR: Awful nasty nails. I’d skip manis & pedis and use the time to sleep instead. I was that exhausted! Oh and dry knees and heels. It was pretty much impossible to bend over to slather lotion on myself so I went those last pregnant months with ashy knees, legs and feet. So embarrassing!
PP: I’ll forgive you on those two, because you know the error of your ways. Next time, at least with the skin, ask the hubby to lotion you up. It can lead to practice for baby number three!
FR: I’ll keep that in mind.
PP: Now, speaking of those adorable kids of yours, as a mother of two, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned to stay stylish and sexy?
FR:  Don’t lose your sense of self and get locked in “Mommy World”.  You can pull out and wear those great outfits you’ve always had – albeit with spit up on them sometimes, but at least you’ll still look great. 
Frances Rivera (L); Frances with her beautiful family (R)
PP: What was your go-to outfit/item while pregnant, that made you feel fabulous?
FR: A Maxidress and chic jacket! They give you the versatility to dress for day or night and most importantly they’re so comfy.
PP: Sexy and comfy. What a novel concept?
FR: Right?!
PP: How do you balance your time commitments as a mother, wife and anchor on PIX11 Morning News?
FR: I’m still trying to figure out that one. It all revolves around sleep – the kids’ and mine. But, I’ve found that once the kids get over one sleep challenge and you think you’re in the clear, then another issue surfaces. Also, the best “training” for me as a mom of a toddler & newborn was a trip to Disney World. It was INSANE, but the best boot camp ever.  After the major juggle you perform throughout that whole trip and travels, doing literally anything with kids after that is easy. 
PP: Good tip. Although, just the thought of taking little one’s to Disneyland makes me nauseous. Wait, maybe that’s just my third trimester talking?
FR: Probably a bit of both.
PP: Now, many women lose site of the fact that they need to focus on themselves, as well as their marriage. How do you make sure that you are part of the equation?
Frances with PIX11 Morning News co-host Sukanya Krishnan
FR: With my Type A personality, I’ve always gotten so caught up in doing anything and everything as perfectly as possible and now after kids, many times I just throw my hands in the air and surrender to the fact that I can’t do it all.  As a result, I’m no longer the diligent “Thank You” card writer or gift giver. Also at home, beds go unmade and my daughter’s morning hair rarely gets tamed. But hey, it’s the small price to pay to be a more sane and happy mommy!

Celeb Pregnancy Style for Less, LIVE from The Couch WLNY

Pregnant celebrities look amazing on the Red Carpet, and even when they run their errands. Don’t think of them as the exception, when their “never surrender” attitude can be the norm. Watch my LIVE from The Couch segment (originally aired January 25, 2013) for tips on how to look sexy, spend less and feel fabulous while carrying precious cargo.

Kate Middleton – Kate has a regal, lady-like style. As her pregnancy progresses, she will likely opt for shift dresses that hint at the belly, flowy blouses and draping. 
Kate’s Day Look
TIP: before you go shopping for maternity wear, shop your closet for blouses, flowy cardigans, a form fitting cotton or nylon skirt with stretch
White tie-front blouse, $24.99
Tank top, Century 21 $8
Pencil skirt, Century 21 $15
Formal Affair
TIP: look like someone who knows she deserves to be loved on!
Red dress, $149.99
Jessica Simpson – She’s the casual, more bohemian in the bunch. Her first purchase was likely a kaftan and maternity jeans.
Jessica’s day look
TIP: At home, don’t be slouchy in oversized sweats. Comfy and sexy can unite in one outfit.
Paisley charmeuse, N Natori $54
Jessica’s going out look
TIP: there are items that are worth jumping into the maternity section for, especially great jeans. 
Always Skinny Jeans, GAP $79
Striped sweater, Liz Lange for TARGET Maternity $29
Kim Kardashian – Kim is known for her sultry style and it’s a good thing for baby daddy Kanye West that she’s likely not going to adjust her sizzle factor just because she’s expecting.
Kim’s day look  
TIP: You deserve to be sexy while you’re pregnant, it will make you feel good AND keep your man aroused.  Look for fabrics that hug comfortably like cotton or polyester blend.
Leopard Print Top, Karen Kane $54
Faux Fur Vest, Century 21 $40
Pleather Jeggings, HATCH Collection $148
Kim’s evening look
TIP: many of us get pimples on chest, belly or the back… look for dresses that flaunt your new lady friends while also helping you hide those pesky pimples.
Long-sleeve hunter green dress, $149.99

Faux Fur Gift Guide w/ Style Expert Pamela Pekerman, FOX Good Day Philly

In honor of Faux Fur Day, I headed to the FOX Philadelphia studios to share some furry gift ideas. This has to be one of the funniest segments I’ve even done. Oh, and the baby bump got air time – again! This gal is a camera lover, and she’s not even fully cooked. 

Enjoy the clip and have a fur-abulous day. Be Fake! Celebrate Faux Fur Day.

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