National Jewelry Day Twitter Party with Max and Chloe

Don’t you love the holidays? It’s a reason to dress up, get together with friends and socialize. With National Jewelry Day coming up this Thursday, I thought we should celebrate!
Join me and my freind Malorie Kaye, president of Cameo PR, as we host a National Jewelry Day Twitter Party spotlighting the latest spring 2014 jewelry trends, celebrity look for less style, radiant orchid and other key colors for spring, plus share some of the hottest new designers available at
Here are all the details:
WHAT: National Jewelry Day Twitter Party with @MaxandChloe 
WHO: hosted by @PamelaPekerman and @CameoPR
WHEN: Thursday, March 13, 2014 from 7-8pm EST/4-5pm PST
HOW: Follow @PamelaPekerman @CameoPR and @MaxandChloe on Twitter, and join the conversation with #MC4JewelryDay hashtag.
Make sure to follow us and use #MC4JewelryDay hashtag for a chance to WIN JEWELRY from +Max and Chloe
Malorie and I will be tweeting away trends, and we also want you to ask us questions and get advice on what to wear for your upcoming prom, wedding or other social soiree. 
Plus, I’ll share a sneak peak of what you can expect during my upcoming Live From The Couch segment featuring 2014 Oscars jewelry trends for less, airing March 18, 2014.

Huggies Launches Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable Wipes

Modeling Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable Wipes

This week, Huggies launched their new Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable Wipes ($3.99) at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. The playful designs not only hold whips, but leave room for other in-the-park essentials like your cell phone and lip gloss. Doesn’t everyone carry lip gloss for walks in the park?

Ambiance at Huggies Event,
& posing with my gal Jordan from 

There was a mini breakfast reception, hosted by MomTrends, which allowed some of us media moms the chance to play with the product.  Also, I was able to live out my “modeling” dream, by showcasing one of the styles while wearing a BCBG dress from Destination Maternity,

I love that you can loop the clutch around your arm or attach it to your stroller. Additionally, the material is smooth, yet durable.  I completely understand, now, that everything needs to be durable when it comes to kids!

I keep one clutch in my diaper bag, and recently dressed up so that I semi-matched my Clutch ‘n’ Clean. It was going to get a lot of use out of the bag, so I thought, why not work it into the wardrobe. 

Always Be Your Best You and keeping it stylishly clean

This post is a collaboration with MomTrends. The opinions and copy belong to Pamela Pekerman and reflect her genuine love for the brand/product in question. You can’t buy her love, but she does need to buy a lot of diapers and diamonds.

Munchkin Launches mbaby Apparel Layette Collection

Ilana Rose showcases mbaby onester and converable pant
Last week, my daughter had her big modeling break; well, sort of. I was asked to attend the launch of Munchkin’s new mbaby apparel layette collection hosted by, and dress Ilana in the clothing. After previewing the soft and supple material, as well as the smart, yet simple, design, I was more than pleased to put my munchkin in mbaby.
mbaby onster apparel, by Munchkin
The mbaby onester apparel, which is what Ilana is wearing in long sleeve ($34), has a double-layer front, ideal for babies that spend most of their time on their backs or in strollers. The double layer keeps the chill at bay in a discreet, comfortable design, without overheating her back. Genius, right?
mbaby sleepster by Munchkin
mbaby apparel by Munchkin
Ilana is also modeling the 100% cotton rib knit (FYI the entire collection is made with cotton because mbaby, like most smart moms, gets that this is the best option for babies) pants with a convertible foot ($30). Ilana can be fully covered or wear cute capri-style cuffed pants. It’s super easy to transition from one look to the next, and it maximizes the wear of the item. Again, genius!
The pieces are easy to mix and match and many are gender neutral. I spent some extra time in the boys assortment, as I have NO idea what I’ll be doing with my little man when he arrives in late June. Any tips on raising a boy? Do share!
PS The chef-style, star hat is not from mbaby. My sister’s daughters both wore it and nobody recalls where it was purchased.  

Sunday Morning with the Baby Equals Blessed Life

How did you spend your Sunday morning? Big hugs to all the mommies who get up early to feed, cuddle, play, educate and adore their little ones. It isn’t always easy, but these pictures speak for themselves.
Now, time to shower, put on all my face and body creams, and enjoy a cup of tea. #AlwaysBeYourBestYou and #Smile 

Save Your Marriage, Wear Lingerie Everyday

My husband and I don’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day. Even when we dated, it was never a special day because the core purpose of Valentine’s Day doesn’t make sense to us, especially to me. Why do I deserve only one day of special pampering and attention? Why does he deserve one day of special sex and affection? If you are too busy to acknowledge each other during the year, it’s time to reassess your priorities and your relationship.  
Ladies, why don’t you use the time around Valentine’s Day to take advantage of sales on seductive loungewear and kinky lingerie? If you value your marriage, burn your worn-out, alma mater t-shirt and start sleeping in something with a bit more sex appeal. I’m not suggesting we all need to wear S&M-style; outfits to bed or around the house – at least not every night – but if you are only devoting ONE DAY a year to sexuality, you are hurting your self-confidence, and slowly deteriorating your relationship.
Here are some great options for the bedroom.

Boudoir attire – give him something to think about at the office.
Sexy sleepwear – you can show it all off or leave a bit to the imagination.

And, here are some styles to wear around the house. Sweatpants should only be reserved for emergencies. A cozy robe is appropriate occasionally, and only for a few hours in the morning or evening. Ideally, there is something alluring and flag-pole lifting 😉 underneath!

Loungewear can be seductive without going overboard. 
Because my husband loves my bottom, leggings are my go-to at home. When I’m feeling the need for extra syncing, I turn to Yummie Tummie.  These leggings are amazing and are great after you give birth as a bonus body huger, in addition to your belly band. ($76)
Figleaves has a great thermal loungewear collection that’s flattering, warm and easy to wear even when you’re carrying a ten-month-old in your arms and a four-month-old in your belly. ($27-$118)
Layer this red Hanro, Woolen Lace Spaghetti Camisole under a through away cardigan for extra cozyness, and you’ll still be showcasing your fabulous body. ($115)
Tanks don’t mean cold, when you’re wearing Figleaves, Thermal Pointelle Thermal Cami. ($39)
Home attire can be as simple as a pair of leggings and a cotton tank. The key is that you’re not hiding your body. Likely, your man loves those seductive curves. Why not show them off? Nothing about any of the above looks is trashy, but it’s definitely kicking it up notch from baggy sweats and over sized shirts. I’m also a fan of wrap or faux wrap dresses, which you can layer over leggings if your house runs cold. 
I welcome your comments, as I’m sure you ladies will have a lot to say on this topic. Guys, feel free to chime i, as well. 

Another Baby Bump, Back to Back Pregnancy

Happy Monday and Good Morning! I’ve been up since 6:45am feeding and playing with baby Ilana. She’s growing up so fast; I can’t believe we are already planning the 1-year birthday party. Fortunately, I’ll be able to relive those first few baby-month-milestones very soon.
Oh, did I mention I’m pregnant, again?!!!!!! 
Showing off the 4-month belly after an event.
Showing off the 3-month belly on my babymoon.

PS The first trimester was brutal, which is why I’ve been MIA. So, it turns out having one after the other requires a bit more rest than I anticipated. Off to bed for 45 minutes before Ilana Rose gets up from her morning nap. 🙂 


Kids & Moms Accessorize Sneakers with Shwings

Sneakers and I just don’t go together. I purchased a pair two years ago when I got a trainer and he said what I was putting on my feet was not going to cut it. So, like a savvy maxxinista, I went to TJMaxx and got a pair for $39.99, obviously.
Fast forward to motherhood …  I used to walk the baby in ballet flats or my neon orange Yosi Samra flip flops (the same ones Sarah Jessica Parker wears, just saying). However, when the baby falls asleep, I now like to squeeze in some stretching, lunges and standing abdominal exercises. #AlwaysBeYourBestYou! This calls for sneaker time.
To add razzle dazzle to my sneaks, I accented with Shwings, decorative wings for your sneakers. Aside from making you feel like a cool mom that doesn’t mind laughing and playing with silly fashion, Shwings is an economical way to spruce up old sneakers. OMG. Ladies, I had no idea how much sneakers cost (refer to lines one and two in this post). It’s high-way robbery! Go to an off-price retailer like T.J.Maxx or Marshalls, get a pair of sneakers for $19-$39 and buy some Shwings for your kids. It’s a great way for them to personalize their shoes and begin to see the value of style and the joy it brings.
Me and my Shwings can’t wait to go for a walk, tonight.  Join us for a healthy, stylish stroll at 6pm EST. 
P2 Kids – accessorizing sneakers with Shwings 

Family Time, Be Still on September 11th

We all have a story from that day, the day when many of us experienced a loss of innocence never to be regained — September 11, 2001.
It was my second day of college; I had just parted ways with my mother, on the Q train, as she had a training class in Brooklyn and I had a few more stops until my arrival at NYU. Mine was the last train to go over the bridge. The first tower was already hit and, like most passengers, I assumed a little helicopter had an accident. By the time I got to 14th Street in Manhattan, subway service was halted. I ended up walking down to 4th street and getting in line for the payphone. I was alone, with very few familiar faces, no way of getting home and no way for my parents to come and claim me. Before noon, I still had the option of walking over the bridge back to Brooklyn, but I was petrified that a bomb would hit me. I stayed underground at NYU’s gym facility until I decided to run to 14th street with a few other girls and spend the night at a friend of an acquaintance’s dorm. It was an odd day. I remember being outside watching the towers fall. I remember thinking I was in a movie. I remember falling asleep and dreaming of being home the following day. As you can imagine, this is an abridged version of what happened that day. There were many faces, many frantic phone calls, many rumors, and plenty of heroic moments of kids going to help at Ground Zero or give blood.
As I sit hear listening to the 9/11 Memorial services, I find it difficult to share a Pam’s Pick. Can I really tell you about my favorite lip/cheek stain, today? Do you want to know about the coolest play gym I found for my baby or the coolest, new hotel in NYC?
Life goes on and upkeeping our style and beauty routine can only help us get through difficult times. But, can’t we just stand still? Can we allocate this day as a national day or remembrance? Can’t we have a moment to properly reflect?
So, today’s Pam’s Pick is family. I’m devoting most of my day to my beloved daughter Ilana Rose. We already had a pleasant walk, this morning, and we’ll do play time in the afternoon. In the evening I’m planning a nice dinner for the hubby. Today, obsess over your family a little bit more than usual. Call your grandma one extra time. Give your children one extra kiss. Give you hubby one extra piece of chocolate! And, if you’re blessed to have both your parents, plan to have them over this weekend or do an extended Skype call. And, of course, do it all in mascara; just make sure it’s make sure it’s waterproof.

Pam’s Pick 9.11.13 – Family Time, Stillness, Love, Making Memories

New Mom MUST HAVE Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer

The last thing any parent wants to do at 2 am is think about warming up a bottle. Is it too hot, too cold? What about unfreezing stored milk?!?

Three months into my daughter’s life and I’m a little wiser and more prepared for number two++, thanks to the addition of the Kiinde Kozii on my kitchen counter top. Not only is this product the smartest bottle warmer on the market thanks to an easy-to-use water bath, it also features a sleek design. One thing all new parents hate is how their house gets taken over by baby products, which is why I shop for products that not only solve problems, but are aesthetically pleasing. If you’re a Kozii fan, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from other moms. NY Baby Show GIVEAWAY, P2Giveaway

Calling all the fabulous moms and moms-to-be! This weekend, May 18th and 19th, is the annual New York Baby Show, the largest consumer baby show in NYC. I got my hands on one of their gift bags, sponsored by, which will be given to VIP’s like Rosie Pope star of Pregnant in Heels.

Here are three changes for you to WIN:
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One winner will receive a VIP swag bag from featuring Avent Natural 9oz bottle, MD Moms Baby Silk Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes, Diapers Biodegradable Wipes, Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo & Bodywash, Babo Botanicals Clean Sport Shampoo & Wash, Cucumber Alo Vera, Gerber Graduates Grabbers, Squeezable Fruit, Banana Blueberry, Pampers Stages Sensitive Wipes, bundle – Kelo-Cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel, and Belli Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen.