Creating a Carpe Diem List vs. a Bucket List

For those of you following me on Instagram, you saw images of me jotting down my Carpe Diem List prior to the start of Yom Kippur. I always use the start of the Jewish New Year, and the start of fall, in general, as an opportunity to reflect, recharge and realign. Realigning is about making sure I’m living a joyful, truthful life that is uniquely my own, versus one full of bucket list items that I likely think I should do based on countless outside forces.

Realigning is key because with the addition of two babies in two years, I’ve really begun to notice how fast time flies. One minute they are in your belly and the next you are potty training. I need to live my authentic life today. So, while baby David napped and I sipped a cappuccino at a local cafe, I began to think of all the fun things I want to do, the activities I’ve been talking about for years, the projects I’ve always wanted to complete. After writing down “Bucket List”, I realized this isn’t really a bucket list of things to just say “hey I’ve done it” at some point in my life. This was going to be a list of action items that can be easily accomplished this year; action items I have talked about long enough; action items I believe will be enjoyable and a way for me to live via my Always Be Your Best You motto! If one of the listed activities proves to be extremely enjoyable, it may reappear on the list once again.

Below are the first 10 items that popped into my head. I stopped an 10 because it just seemed natural to have 1o items, and, because nothing else immediately popped into my head and I wanted this to be items that are at the forefront of my overly-active brain.

I welcome all of you to create your own Carpe Diem List and join me in living a truthful, joyful life TODAY. Create your list and tag it #CarpeDiemList.

Pamela Pekerman's Carpe Diem List

Pamela Pekerman’s Carpe Diem List



Carpe Diem List front an center by my night stand

Carpe Diem List front an center by my night stand








Pieces of Pam: Welcome to My World as a Wife, Mom, Fashion Editor, Entrepreneur, Sleep Seeker and more

my life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, fashion editor, sleep seeker

my life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, fashion editor, sleep seeker

For weeks I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out the best way to kick start this blog. How will this blog be different from all other blogs? (How Passoverish of me, right?) Can I provide consistent content, given the madness of having two babies under the age of two in this house? Do I go heavy on the personal side? How personal is too personal? Do I start now and blog when I can, or wait until baby #2 is fully sleeping through the night and I’m on a solid schedule? Should I focus more on the accessories/fashion or family/parenting? Speaking of family, do I really have time for this now? Do I really want this, or any work, now? Shouldn’t I just perfect my housewife life before I ignite another element of my professional life? And, while, I’m having mental diarrhea where is this magical work/family balance line? Ahhhhhh!! Mental madness!!

So, here’s what I figured out the other day, after several spontaneous conversations that I don’t believe happened by accident:

1. I don’t need to figure it all out right now (it being a heck of a lot more than just this blog, aka my work/family structure., aka my life)
2. I need to stop thinking so much
3. (And I already knew this) I’m really really blessed to be able to have the option to spend as much time as I want with my babies
4. I should share my world because aside from the glam of being in the media/fashion industry, I’m like every other woman who just had a baby (times 2) and is trying to navigate her new existence

And, so, THIS is Pieces of Pam … The true story of a woman, wife, mom, entrepreneur, style expert/TV host, accessories addict, organizational duntz picked to learned how to live her best life. Find out what happens when I stop thinking so much, and start letting my amazing life shine through.

Have a fabulous weekend! And, let’s all aim to Always Be Your Best You.

babies, work, cooking, trying to keep it together

babies, work, cooking, trying to keep it together

PS Much of this was written around 2am, because, of course, that’s my free time 🙂

Vince Launches Vince Kids fashion for Fall 2014

Bored with the cutesy items you see in the kids department? Here comes another women’s contemporary brand to the rescue. Vince, the casual-cool brand you turn to second-skin separates with a hint of Downtown cool, will debut their children’s collection for Fall 2014.

The Vince Kids line displays the same relaxed, modern aesthetic us mom’s love in the women’s collection. Expect Vince’s best-selling cashmere sweaters, Scuba Leather Jacket and Jogger Pants for girls. For boys, the 3-in-1 Jacket is going to be your best friend from an economical and practical perspective. Like, those days when it’s cold and windy one minute and the next it rains or the sun begins to burn. I had that, yesterday, with my daughter. My mother describes these outings as “costume adjustment days”. I went to the park with a thin knit hat, a floppy linen hat, a quilted Ralph Lauren coat and a Ralph Lauren trench. Madness!. 

Back to Vince. 

Designed for children ages 4-14 (which is why Ilana Rose is not modeling in this post), the collection features a palette of heather gray and coastal navy, with hints of imperial purple, raspberry and horizon blue. This brand is for the child who wants a bit of edge. Listen to what they want and guide them into a style routine. It’s our jobs as moms to ensure our kids are healthy, happy and well dresses from head to toe! Style is an extension of personality, so let your kids experiment, as you give a helping hand. 



Retail range for girls will be $24 – $598, boys $34 – $398. The collection will be available in June at national retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, as well as

Now, can we talk about Vince Baby? I already have an eager model ready for the campaign. 

Mom Musings: Truth about Draining Breastfeeding Madness, Don’t Judge Moms

Who just ate yummy milk?
The background was me moving in all my office essentials from the
city to the home office. This was another item on the to-do list. 
I confess … breastfeeding is the pits!
As I anxiously anticipate the arrival of my son, this summer, I shiver at the thought of sacrificing my sleep and sanity in order to feed him breast milk. I say “breast milk” because it’s been made VERY clear to me that I did not “breast feed” my daughter, last year.
Apparently, pumping, which provides the same exact nutritional value as does putting a baby to a breast, is not actual breastfeeding. Um, go F*^% yourself. My daughter received the same good stuff and I still had to work very, VERY hard to manage to survive the five months of +Medela madness.  
Sorry all you judgmental peeps, including the nurses at the hospital that nudged me to at least try to breastfeed because “skin to skin is so important for your connection to the baby”. My boobs belong to my husband! I’m in for making the milk, but the sucking part is coming from a glass bottle. We used Lifefactory, in case anyone is wondering.
But, I digress.
Breast feeding, round two. Yah or Nah?
Yes, breastfeeding / pumping is the pits. It was mentally and physically exhausting the first go around. I didn’t help the matter by jumping back into work (albeit from home, most of the time). I even did a store appearance ten days after giving birth. (PS It was the grand opening of NessaLee Baby in Livingston, NJ. The store and the owners are amazing.) Oh, and I refused to get a nanny because I was flush with energy, initially, despite being up every three hours to first pump and then feed Ilana Rose.
L to R: Trying to look normal with +NessaLee Baby owners Jordan and Vanessa;
with EXTRA Wardrobe Stylist Julie Kozak;
with +Project Nursery  co-founder +Melisa Fluhr 
Of course, in keeping with my Always Be Your Best You philosophy, I did not walk around the house looking like a hot mess. Before the 6am feeding, makeup was applied, along with my post-partum, body-preservation creams.
Ilana Rose was doing great. I was calm, so she was calm. We go into a great schedule and in about 5 weeks or so she began to have wider gaps of “feed me” moments, at night. I, however, was still up pumping out the goods.
My brain was spinning. My body was flipping out. I felt like I was on drugs, and I’ve never taken drugs so really this was just what I assumed it felt like to be drugged out. I remember telling my sister and husband that I felt like someone was pumping helium into my brain because I felt foggy. Nothing seemed clear. Then, one day, the sh&t; hit the fan.
I used to watch her sleep a lot. I should have listened to my mom
and mother-in-law and slept, as well! 
While feeding my daughter, I attempted to sing her some songs. But, who turned off the play list? I couldn’t remember the words to anything! It was like a part of my brain was gone. Over the next few days, I noticed that I couldn’t articulate my thoughts properly to anyone. And, then, the emotional madness hit. I couldn’t control the tears. It was ridiculous.
Turns out, I was seriously sleep deprived. I skipped a few pumps at night, but then felt guilty because if you don’t do it you lose it! I tried to go on more walks. I pulled back on work (although, not nearly as much as I should have!). Then, my family stepped in and we got a nanny. The nanny cared for the baby, while my mother cared for me. Ya, that’s how bad it got.
I eventually decided to pump through the summer, use stored milk after that and slowly transition into formula.
Yes, breastfeeding is the pits. I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS GETTING MYSELF INTO! It’s impossible to breast feed, take care of a baby, manage your family and work the way I choose to work without proper help. Even then, the physical demands of being a milk factory are beyond comprehension to anyone who hasn’t done it.
So, here comes number two.
For those who are wondering, yes, I plan to breastfeed my son. Oh, sorry, pump J. This time, I’m older (this past year basically equals ten years!) and wiser. I’m taking off July and August. My only work will be to be mommy. If the spirit moves me, I will blog. That’s it! I plan to go for about four or five months, but I’ll take it week by week.
My little peanut.
There is no denying that giving a baby breast milk is the best option. But, it’s very personal. Given everything that I’ve shared, you can imagine that it’s not something I can recommend. In fact, all I will say is this:

Do what works for your body and your family. If skin-to-skin is your game, great. If you want to pump into a machine and feed from a bottle, bottoms up. If you want to cabbage up your boobs (I’ll talk about that in a future post) and just do formula, fabulous. We shouldn’t judge each other, because motherhood is a crazy job that we need to figure out and navigate as we see fit. And, of course, we need to do it with confidence, style and a little rough ;-).  You knew I would say that, right? 

Gifts for Your Wife from Bachelor Party

Gifts for your wife, from a bachelor party?

Bringing home presents for your wife from a bachelor party? I love my husband!

These will never go out of style. I’m obsessed!

Realizing that this pregnancy is much harder on my back, I desperately need more fabulous flats. Always Be Your Best You, even in flats. I love my heals, but I need ground-level options. So, I hinted to the hubby that I wouldn’t mind these. He selected the color.

BONUS, The scarves – Hermes Faune LettreeSilk Twill Scarf from the Summer 2014 Collection and Hermes Faune Lettree SilkTwill Pocket Square
Matching mommy and me scarves? Yes, excessive. I think I’ll keep both!

Two days ago, while resting my poor feet and back, I perused the new Hermes scarf catalog that just arrived. The cover showcased an ABC scarf, aka Faune Lettree, and I instagramed an image. The accompanying text, written as a joke, read Best way to teach #baby ABCs ! Thanks +Hermès for new scarf catalog in the mail on sunny Saturday. The only person that my husband follows on Instagram and Twitter is me. He found this statement to be funny, and an inspiration for two more gifts. The big scarf is for me – baby blue, because we are expecting a boy. The little scarf is for Ilana – she’ll appreciate it someday. For now, I’ll likely frame and hang it in her room.

Careful what you Instagram

My husband is amazing, not because he purchased these lavish gifts, but because he wanted to surprise me knowing that, like a little child, I live for surprises. He gets a kick from my happiness, a mutual feeling in our marriage. Gifting was following by dinner, a little TV time and chatting, other stuff ;), and a massage for Mr. Wonderful from Mrs. Madly in Love. 

Dear husbands of the world,
Your woman does a lot for you and your family and she deserves to be pampered. There are millions of ways to show your gratitude – cooking a meal, giving her a massage, gifting flowers, planning a romantic day in the park without the kids … 

Your men deserve you to Always Be Your Best You. Take care of your style & beauty routine and not only will you feel more confident (even if you’re in bed due to sciatic nerve pain!) but your man will appreciate the effort. Don’t let yourselves go. Never Surrender your sexy side! 

I’m wishing you a wonderful, sexy and sane week. BIG hugs. 

How to Make a Birthday Hat and other Crafty Mom Musings

DIY cone hat for my daughter’s 1st Birthday Party

In theory, I love to DIY. In reality, I don’t have the patience for reading long how-tos. Consequently, I wing-it, often times making the crafting process much harder. Now, I’m very artist – a gift I acquired from my late father. He could draw anything. (Side note: Let’s just say my elementary school projects were legendary.) But, I digress.

When my daughter was born, I had all these lofty ideas of what to make for her room, what to make for memories sake, what to make for the grandparents, etc. Many suggestions were shot down by my non-DIY loving husband. Many ideas never materialized because I didn’t allocate the time needed to properly create something, anything. This was going to change with Ilana Rose’s birthday approaching April 4th. I was determined to make a 1st Birthday Party Hat.
I spend about $300 on supplies because I couldn’t make up mind mind, and 
I needed basic crafting supplies. Don’t worry, $250 of it is going back. 

With a vague idea of what I might need (see above about winging it), I heading to Michaels. The results are documented below. The memories are emblazoned in my heart. This wasn’t just about crafting, it really was about slowing down for two hours, Friday morning, and thinking about the past year as a new mom. I savored every minute of the cutting, folding, and gluing … and then Ilana woke up for her morning nap. Friday night, after dinner, I spent another thirty minutes wrapping up the project.

  • Foam paper
  • Craft paper
  • Ribbons, pompoms, stickers, anything else that catches your eye at the craft store that might work as décor accents (a good return policy is essential, if you like to play with options!!)
  • Faux flowers
  • Glue stick, scissors, staple gun
  • Downloadable cone shape

  • Download a cone hat shape. Print and cut out the shape.
  • Decide on color scheme or theme. Mine was soft yellow, blush pink and Champaign (because I couldn’t find rose gold products). In keeping with our English garden, Tea Party theme, I wanted everything to feel romantic and elegant.
  • Trace the cone shape on the foam and cut out the shape. I used foam as my base for the hat.* You can use it as the main hat and skip additional layering and gluing. (* Next time I’ll use thicker stock paper, as foam is a bit trick and way too thick when you glue one end of the cone to the other.)
  • Trace the cone shape onto the back of your craft paper, but don’t cut it out.
  • Make slip cuts along the curved edge of the cone shape, on your craft paper. This helps make the final look neater.
  • Glue the craft paper to the foam. Press and hold as you go, to get a permanent stick.
  • If you are planning to have pompoms, feathers or other items at the tip of the cone, cut out a small bit from the top of your (still flat) cone hat.
  • I used faux flowers as my ‘cherry on top’. Simply cut off the stem, leaving about an inch to wrap with strong tape and a rubber band.** (**I loved the look of the flowers, but next time I need something lighter. The weight was too much for my daughter’s precious little head. I’ll explain in an upcoming post about the dos/don’ts of baby photo shoots! You live and learn.) 
  • Because my hat was rather thick and the flower ‘cherry on top’ was a pinch heavy, it was easier to warp and glue the cone with the ‘cherry on top’ flowers already being held inside vs. sticking them in after the cone was all glued. (However, I may try that the next time. Much like motherhood, I’m learning as I go.)
  • I couldn’t find a pre-made number 1 that matched my color scheme, so I cut it out (using stencils – which isn’t winging-it, but I could heard my husband’s voice in my head and I knew stencils were the way to go).
  • Decorate away. I purchased beautiful stickers from the Martha Stewart Crafts collection, to make life easier.
  • To make her name stand out, I cut a strip of thick, yellow paper and made a band around the hat. The paper needs to be cut in the same degree as the cone, otherwise you will not get an even strip look. Math hasn’t been my strong suit in years, so eyeballing it/winging it meant this step took longer than necessary.
  • In order to hide the tiny gap created on the back of my really thick hat, I added a bird slip. J Birds = garden = tea party. It makes thematic sense.
  • Rather than use wire, which would have held the hat on my daughter’s head a heck of lot better during our photo shoot (more on that later), I opted for pretty yellow lace. Cut two equal pieces long enough to tie a bow around the neck. Attach one on each end with staples. Hide the staples with décor. I used flower stickers.
  • Marvel in your glory. 

Faux flowers = My version of the “cherry on top” pompom for a birthday hat.
I knew the bird clips would come in handy!! Also, note to other
wanna-be DIYers: any “error” can be craftly corrected.

Quick 20 Minute Family Meal, Russian Katleti with Orzo

Allocating time to cooking for my family hasn’t been easy since the birth of my daughter and the extra bun cooking in my oven. I’m constantly looking for easy, healthy and time-saving recipe and nothing is faster than home-made, chicken katleti. It’s kind of like a flat meatball, for those unfamiliar with Russian food. Every woman has her own version and this is mine.

Chicken Katleti 
~ 1 ld ground chicken (buy it ground to make life easier)
~ dd
~ 1 small onion finely chopped (optional)
~ 1 garlic clove minced
~ 1 tsp pepper
~ 2 tsp salt (adjust to your family)
Dipping Sauce:

National Jewelry Day Twitter Party with Max and Chloe

Don’t you love the holidays? It’s a reason to dress up, get together with friends and socialize. With National Jewelry Day coming up this Thursday, I thought we should celebrate!
Join me and my freind Malorie Kaye, president of Cameo PR, as we host a National Jewelry Day Twitter Party spotlighting the latest spring 2014 jewelry trends, celebrity look for less style, radiant orchid and other key colors for spring, plus share some of the hottest new designers available at
Here are all the details:
WHAT: National Jewelry Day Twitter Party with @MaxandChloe 
WHO: hosted by @PamelaPekerman and @CameoPR
WHEN: Thursday, March 13, 2014 from 7-8pm EST/4-5pm PST
HOW: Follow @PamelaPekerman @CameoPR and @MaxandChloe on Twitter, and join the conversation with #MC4JewelryDay hashtag.
Make sure to follow us and use #MC4JewelryDay hashtag for a chance to WIN JEWELRY from +Max and Chloe
Malorie and I will be tweeting away trends, and we also want you to ask us questions and get advice on what to wear for your upcoming prom, wedding or other social soiree. 
Plus, I’ll share a sneak peak of what you can expect during my upcoming Live From The Couch segment featuring 2014 Oscars jewelry trends for less, airing March 18, 2014.

Huggies Launches Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable Wipes

Modeling Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable Wipes

This week, Huggies launched their new Clutch ‘n’ Clean Refillable Wipes ($3.99) at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. The playful designs not only hold whips, but leave room for other in-the-park essentials like your cell phone and lip gloss. Doesn’t everyone carry lip gloss for walks in the park?

Ambiance at Huggies Event,
& posing with my gal Jordan from 

There was a mini breakfast reception, hosted by MomTrends, which allowed some of us media moms the chance to play with the product.  Also, I was able to live out my “modeling” dream, by showcasing one of the styles while wearing a BCBG dress from Destination Maternity,

I love that you can loop the clutch around your arm or attach it to your stroller. Additionally, the material is smooth, yet durable.  I completely understand, now, that everything needs to be durable when it comes to kids!

I keep one clutch in my diaper bag, and recently dressed up so that I semi-matched my Clutch ‘n’ Clean. It was going to get a lot of use out of the bag, so I thought, why not work it into the wardrobe. 

Always Be Your Best You and keeping it stylishly clean

This post is a collaboration with MomTrends. The opinions and copy belong to Pamela Pekerman and reflect her genuine love for the brand/product in question. You can’t buy her love, but she does need to buy a lot of diapers and diamonds.

Munchkin Launches mbaby Apparel Layette Collection

Ilana Rose showcases mbaby onester and converable pant
Last week, my daughter had her big modeling break; well, sort of. I was asked to attend the launch of Munchkin’s new mbaby apparel layette collection hosted by, and dress Ilana in the clothing. After previewing the soft and supple material, as well as the smart, yet simple, design, I was more than pleased to put my munchkin in mbaby.
mbaby onster apparel, by Munchkin
The mbaby onester apparel, which is what Ilana is wearing in long sleeve ($34), has a double-layer front, ideal for babies that spend most of their time on their backs or in strollers. The double layer keeps the chill at bay in a discreet, comfortable design, without overheating her back. Genius, right?
mbaby sleepster by Munchkin
mbaby apparel by Munchkin
Ilana is also modeling the 100% cotton rib knit (FYI the entire collection is made with cotton because mbaby, like most smart moms, gets that this is the best option for babies) pants with a convertible foot ($30). Ilana can be fully covered or wear cute capri-style cuffed pants. It’s super easy to transition from one look to the next, and it maximizes the wear of the item. Again, genius!
The pieces are easy to mix and match and many are gender neutral. I spent some extra time in the boys assortment, as I have NO idea what I’ll be doing with my little man when he arrives in late June. Any tips on raising a boy? Do share!
PS The chef-style, star hat is not from mbaby. My sister’s daughters both wore it and nobody recalls where it was purchased.