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Beauty Tips for Best Nude Lipstick for Your Complexion

Nude lips have always been off the table, for me, because of my fair skin. But, after a recent makeup session with Valerie Star, makeup artist extraordinaire at Caravan Stylist Studio, I learned that much like nude shoes, nude lipstick is just about finding the shade that suits your skin tone the best.

In the comfort of the talent at Caravan Stylist Studio, a beauty and wardrobe studio that preps celebrities and tastemakers for Red Carpet events and shoots, I was ready to bare it all. STOP! You have such a dirty mind! I’m talking about my lip color, silly goose.

Here are some beauty tips for best nude lipstick for your individually fabulous complexion.


If you have a …

Dark Complexion – The sky is really the limit because almost all nude shades will look good.

Medium to Light Complexion – It’s all about playing off of your undertones. If you’re more olive, lean towards a nude with peach undertones. If you’re more yellow, lean towards a nude with more pink undertones.

Alabaster Complexion (that’s me) – Avoid nudes with brown undertones. Stick to shades with a peach or pink undertone. Caravan Stylist Studio suggests Manuka Secrets Lip Luster, a great lip gloss that also hydrates and can work over any lip color.  My personal favorite is NARS Lip Gloss inicon Turkish Delight, which has a pink undertone and high shine. If you want a more matte option, try NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Boldero.

best nude lipstick

If you have no idea what type of skin tone you have or what all this “undertone” talk is all about, pop into your favorite department store and ask a makeup artist to asses your skin tone. You may even get a free makeup lesson. I suggest going to MAC, Bobbie Brown or NARS. I’ve found their makeup sales teams to be friendly and very knowledgeable.

Now that your lips are set, let’s talk about playing up your gorgeous eyes.smoky eyes with nude lips

Nude lips pair well with sultry, smoky eyes. Caravan Stylist Studio suggests Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Universal Looks. It’s a great mix of smoky shades that can be layered for more intensity, when you’re ready to go from the office to a much-needed night out with your hubby.

Speaking of which, I need to go plan my next date night. With two babies on board, planning is everything. Sometimes I need to plan when I’ll have time to think and plan! You know how that goes.

PS Did you plan your Meaningful Me Moments, for the day? Mine is a 4pm gym session. Share yours and include #MeaningfulMeMoments. Your moment can be as simple as going to the local drug store, picking out a nude lip gloss and playing with makeup while the kids are taking a nap. XOXO. Have a wonderful Monday, ladies!

Pams Picks Bella March 2015 beauty tips for youthful eyes

Beauty Tips for Youthful Eyes, Pam’s Picks in March 2015 BELLA Magazine

Your eyes reveal secrets that you don’t wish to share, like excess wine from the previous evening, sleepless nights due to children, or corporate burn out. I’ve found exciting products and services that will help your eyes, and the area around them, look fresh and youthful regardless of how you spend your days and nights.

Pick up the latest issue of BELLA NYC Magazine and BELLA Long Island Magazine for Pam’s Picks on beauty tips for youthful eyes.Pam's Picks for beauty tips for youthful eyes

I already raved about 1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE Brand Contact Lenses back in December. This is a new category of eye enhancement lenses that have iris-inspired designs that create an outer darker limbal ring, to give eyes greater definition by creating contrast between the iris and white part of your eye. Additionally, an inner translucent light-effects pattern is layered over the iris to add depth and definition without changing the eye’s natural color. FYI Independent research shows that people are more attracted to women and men with pronounced limbal rings, which are associated with a healthy and youthful appearance. I switched out my old lenses for 1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE Brand Contact Lenses, and I’m a squint short of looking like Angelina Jolie. Ok, maybe, not Angie, but I’m a better version of me. What can I say, beauty is addictive.
Box 30 lenses $75.

With two babies born in two years, I know firsthand what lack-of-sleep can do to the delicate skin under your eyes. My secret to looking alive and fabulous even during those hectic, first months was Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum. I live for this product because the results are almost instantaneous. The Vitamin K helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness that resulted from the evening’s shenanigans. This is a beauty game changer and something I share regular on Instagram because you ALL need it!!! $72

The quickest, pain-free facelift can be achieved with perfect brows. That’s why a lovely, Russian woman in Brooklyn has been waxing my brows since I was 16-years-old. But, now, I’ve made the switch to threading after being bowled over by the artisans, and the spa-like feel, at WINK Brow Bar. Using organic thread, my brows were gently sculpted in 10-minutes. I walked out without redness, and feeling very glamourous, and high-brow. Stop agitating, pulling and aging your skin with wax or tweezers, and give your brows a beautiful break and shape. For added indulgence, don’t forget to try their Lash Bar and Makeup Bar, as well as the Face Bar which uses luxurious Isabelle Lancray products. Is anyone interested in a girls night out at Wink Brow Bar? Leave a comment below and I’ll make it happen!! XOXO #AlwaysBeYourBestYou, and do it with your girlfriends. 7 Greenwich Avenue, 212.600.1857,

beauty tips for youthful eyes in Bella Magazine with Maria Shriver

PS Can we discuss the amazing Maria Shriver on the cover of BELLA Magazine, for our annual Influencer Issue? A class act through-and-through, this trailblazer, motivator, philanthropist and mother has so much to share. Pick up an issue and check out the interview. For those looking to get to the core of what Shriver is all about and her commitment to empowering women and families around the world, check out

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Friday Five Finds – Tropical Dreams, Wishing for Spring

Dear G-d,

I’m not asking for much, but can we get on with spring? Here’s a little poem just for you.

I love your blizzards, they’re fun for play.
And, it’s a blessing to be alive, on any day.
Now that that’s been said, let’s get on with the show.
I’m praying for sunshine, and an end to this snow!


In case the above poem doesn’t move the big gal upstairs to usher in spring flowers, here are five finds for you, your kids and your home, that will uplift your sunny spirit.

Have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to carve out some time for YOU! You’re fabulous, and you deserve it!


1. Ted Baker London Oletta Mirrored Tropics Tunic Dress $275

2. Mini Boden Printed Tunic Pink Grapefruit Seed Packets $34

3. Keds x EOS Limited Edition Collection available in lavender (aka Passion Fruit) and baby blue (aka Blueberry Acai) $50

4. Fresh Flowers trimmed, arranged, and accented with butterflies and sparkly faux leaves from Michaels (This is one of my favorite things to do on a Thursday night, to have fresh flowers in the bedroom and living room for the weekend. #MeaningfulMeMoments) $15 for a dozen roses $5 for the props

5.Tommy Bahama Island Life for Her 1.7 oz. Eau De Parfum $60


Lessons from Disney’s Cinderella & Why Tiara’s Are Essential

Tomorrow, I’m gathering my girlfriends, putting on a tiara, slipping into sparkly stilettos and going to see the much anticipated release of Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action film Cinderella.

The positive messages about grace, courage, kindness and the power of fashion to transform a woman’s life, is everything I stand for when I say “Always Be Your Best You”.

Always Be Your Best You isn’t just about style and beauty, it’s an overall lifestyle shift to honor YOU by finding time for yourself, taking care of your health, dressing up and giving yourself a wink in the mirror! Always Be Your Best You is about confidence and trusting your inner voice. As Diane von Furstenberg says in The Woman I Wanted To Be, “The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself … You carry the passport to your own happiness”.

Today, in between work, baby feedings with David, play/reading/dancing time Ilana, and unpacking from St. Lucia (that including my stuff and the hubby’s, of course), I went out for a 30-minute gym session, followed by a manicure – Meaningful Me Moments are like oxygen!!


The mani is inspired by Cinderella. What do you think?

I’m obsessed with names of nail colors. This one is “Life Is Short, Wear a Tiara”.

(Side Bar: #TiaraThursday should be a movement … let’s make it happen.)

Red Carpet Manicure has a full range of limited-edition colors inspired by the movie, including a Collector’s Edition Gel Polish Pro Kit and six new Gel Polishes, in Red Carpet Manicure’s three-step LED gel polish formula.


Hmm, I’m thinking “Fairy Tale Movement” in two weeks is a sunny, yellow hue to usher in spring.

PS Check out my interview with Nina Garcia where she talks about Cinderella and how fashion has the power to transform us.


Sulwhasoo Beauty Secrets & Why Korean Ginseng Is Anti Aging Gold, Oh and Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!


It turns out, Bloomingdales loves a good parade and costumes just as much as I do. Happy Lunar New Year 2015!


Posing in Bloomindales. Yes, this photo is blurry. My mother has many talents. Taking photos isn’t one of them.

Did you know that Koreans, as well as the Chinese, celebrate the Lunar New Year? I only recently discovered this, as I’ve become very infatuated with all things Korean – food, milk tea, and beauty rituals.

The latter came about when I went to a Sulwhasoo event back in November to learn more about the brand and it’s approach to beauty (which is much more big picture and holistic, as compared to most western brands).

While I may have been a human potpourri before I got pregnant with Ilana – it’s hard not to try everything when you’re in this business – I became quite picky once I realized my body was now her home, and that home needed to be in tip top shape. So, out went all products with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and in came Naturopathica. It’s the only brand I have put on my face for the past two years.

Ya, so why bother going to learn about product launches at Sulwhasoo, a company I had never heard of until the event invite hit my inbox?

  1. there was a pretty cool panel of power women from various corners of the health and wellness industry
  2. I love the pr girls hosting the event
  3. mama wanted to get out of the house

Needless to say, I left rejuvenated, inspired to infuse more yogi principles into my life and convinced that Sulwhasoo’s new Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum (which just hit stores this month) had to become part of my daily, beauty routine.

I am beyond thrilled with the visible results of more elasticity, less happy wrinkle lines and the Jlo glowing skin. No, seriously. I’m not feeding you PR bulls^#t. This stuff is no joke. Putting it on, at night, and feeding my skin ginseng goodness (usually after I’ve enjoyed a cup of white tea) is one way I get centered and carve out a Meaningful Me Moment at the need of a long day. 

I know it’s pricey ($150 1.2 fl oz), but it’s worth every penny for you to Always Be Your Best You. Here’s why ginseng will rock your world:

  • It’s considered the king of all Korean herbs, celebrated for its multitude of healing and beautifying benefits – Improves skin volume and firmness, Minimizes lines and wrinkles, Strengthens skin’s ability to recover from the aging process, Antioxidant benefits
  • In Korean history, young ladies in noble families would bathe in ginseng water before their wedding to refine, brighten and purify their skin. They also enjoyed fresh-drawn ginseng tea to prevent freckles and fine lines.
  • Not all ginseng is the same. Korea’s mineral rich mountain regions are ideal to cultivate this sensitive plant that is highly affected by the soil that it is grown in. Korean Ginseng is more precious and sought after than any other type of ginseng.

The powers that be at Sulwhasoo are super clever and utilize all parts of the Korean Ginseng plant – from the root to the berries – harnessing the unique benefits of each part. They’re also quite picky and only use Korean Ginseng that is 6-years-old, which is when the plant produces berries and has the most energy and potency.


This is my skin after using Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum for about two months. No filters or touch ups have been done. Also, in the bottom right photo I’m wearing minimal makeup.


Ginseng, it’s really that amazing!

Here’s the big beauty bonus:

Korean Ginseng, as used in Sulwhasoo formulations, has significantly more saponins than other ginseng, which is what works to increase immunity levels, as well as the regenerating, anti-aging and antioxidant effects this herb is known for.

Basically, you’re getting the best of the best of ginseng. Don’t walk, ram (get it? ram, aka Year of the Ram, aka Lunar New Year 2015) to the store and get your hands on this serum and other offering from Sulwhasoo’s concentrated ginseng collection.





PS Hey, sexy, 28 year olds, you need to incorporate ginseng into your beauty routine ASAP.


In Korean Herbal Medicine, it is believed that the body undergoes internal changes every seven years. Around the age of 28, the aging inertia of the skin begins to increase while the youthful inertia begins to decrease, meaning skin begins to lose strength and elasticity which contributes to the visibility of early signs of aging on the skin.

Bummer. What’s a gal to do?

Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum is liquid gold, chicas. Use it. Also, I strongly advise you to avoid heavy drinking of hard liquors, and eliminate sun exposure between the hours of 11am-3pm. Those two beauty tips come to you from my mother!


This is me the day after my birthday. I’m a VERY happy 31-year-old. Healthy habits, a solid beauty routine and passion are essential ingredients for a full life. #AlwaysBeYourBestYou


Friday Five Finds – new accessories, chickpea pasta & more


I’ve had a jam-packed week of taking care of the kids, trying to squeeze in writing, meetings and previews in the city, and hints of Meaningful Me Moments (example: last night’s Self Love Celebration hosted by my dear friend Nitika Chopra). Despite the fast-pace, high-voltage week, I’m super energized and happy for all the amazing personal and professional developments that are brewing. There will be so much more to share in the coming weeks and months; for now, here is a very happy themed Friday Five Finds. Enjoy and have an amazing weekend!

PSA: Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Take a little time and practice Self Love. Check out my Self Love V-Day Gift Guide. Also, look at these amazing companies run by women who eat, sleep and breath self-love, confidence and the power of transformation:,, and


1. Black Sea Greenwich Clutch in Navy, Aqua and Wheat $595
Nothing makes me happier than a new handbag find. This is a brand to watch if you enjoy sleek, bold design.

2. Eye of the Sea Green Agate Bracelet $78
I’ve gotten so many compliments on my rose quart bracelet, this week, so I’m getting this color, too. Green Agate is for re-balancing mind, body and spirit. It’s calming and healing energy offers protection from stress and enhances self-confidence and creativity. Sign me up for that happy ride.

3. Happy Mat all-in-one plate & placemat $24.99
The silicone, which is non-toxic, PVC, BPA and phthalate free, suctions directly to the table making meal time happy time, once again.

4. Bullet Pocket Acne Aid $7.95
This magical cream got me out of a nasty acne jam this week. I wasn’t too happy Wednesday morning, come Thursday evening I was nearly blemish free.

5. Banza Chickpeas Pasta $30 for 6 boxes
Pasta makes my daughter very happy, but I’ve been on the hunt for yummy pasta that also loads her up with more goodness and less empty carbs. Ask and ye shall receive. Last night, at the Self Love Celebration, I had four plates and several interesting conversation with two brothers behind this pasta-made-out-of-chickpeas revolution.


Self Love Valentine’s Day Takeover & Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a joke. If you are properly loved by your significant other every single day of the year, then you should not put pressure on him to plan an elaborate “Valentine’s Day Date”. The results are usually tacky (flashing red flower roses anyone?) or overpriced meals (“special menu” alert). And, ladies, if February 14th is the only day you are putting on extra fancy, kinky lingerie, that’s also a relationship no-no. Keep it sexy and romantic all year long!

So, let’s refocus Valentine’s Day on the one person that probably doesn’t give you enough love, the one person that can be extremely harmful to your self-esteem, the one person that needs to constantly be reminded to be good to you. I’m talking about YOU!

Ladies, we are our own worst enemies. Let’s use Valentine’s Day as a day to recommit to Self Love, to harboring positive thoughts about yourselves, to acknowledging that you deserve to be loved, and to reinforcing that you should Always Be Your Best You.

Below is my Self Love Valentine’s Day Gift Guide full of beauty items for pampering, accessories for indulging and tea because that’s how I create Meaning Me Moments.

I’m wishing you an amazing, loving day. Find me on Twitter and Instagram and let me know how you plan to reignite Self Love this Valentine’s Day.


1. Sequin Capricorn 3-Charm Necklace $98

2. Jill Haber Campari Hair Calf Box Clutch $1695

3. Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow $6 (this already rests on my nightstand and is often opened in the morning for words of wisdom. Can you really go wrong if you “Dress up and go dancing” or “Be a hugger”?)

4. Naturopathica Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum $84 1oz

6. Chloe Ellie Pink Marble Cocktail Ring $560

5. Fine Fragrance Body Wash, Love Forever $6

7. Wedgwood Cuckoo Tea Collection $50-$100

8. Fortnum & Mason Rose Biscuits $17

9. Kelly Wearstler Classic Bronze Mini Kiss $125

10. Sequin Bliss Beaded Bracelets in Coral $38

11. Thymes Kimono Rose Candle $35

** At the top, the image of the heart is actually a lazer cut heart with crystals from Black Lace Jewelry. The Passionate Red Valentine’s Day Heart retails for $26. They stick to your skin and last for about 2-3 days even with washing. I’m wearing one tonight!


Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby and Home

It’s snowing. It’s Friday. It’s time to shop. Here are my Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home.  I’m sending you lots of love and wishing you a relaxing weekend.

Bootights – I love wearing dresses during the winter with fabulous tights, but I hate when my toes get cold. I used to layer socks over tights, which was too thick, too sweaty and constantly bunching up. Thank goodness someone came up with Bootights, tights that have a sock foot base, making it a dream for pairing rugged Sorel boots with a fab knit dress. (That’s going to be my #ootd for a casual birthday party, tonight.) $36

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Extensions – This new mascara just came across my desk, this week, and I’m beyond obsessed. With a one-of-a-kind Melted Fiber Technology that melts the blackest black nylon fibers to create crazy volume and lash-enhancingc ingredients like peptides and collagen, this mascara is a jacked-up version of the original Hello Lashes. $24

Kelly Wearstlericon Sculptural Legs – Not going to lie, I don’t actually own this scultpure, though I’ve been drooling over the original gold version for years. It’s not toddler friendly, which means in my current home, given the open layout plan of the living/family/kitchen area, the only place I could safely place it would be my bedroom. Oh, but wait there’s no more extra space since I now have an office in my bedroom thanks to baby 2 taking over my former office! So, can someone out there please buy this and love it for the both of us? PS Dear Sculptural Legs, I’ll see you in the next house. Love, Pamela $1495

Gamboree Valentine’s Day CollectionI hate the concept of Valentine’s Day for adults … really, you only take your wife out and give her an overpriced red rose once a year? Or, you only put on sexy lingerie for your man one night out of 365? Stop the madness. But, give me an excuse to dress up my kids and I’m in for that Valentine’s Day party. I’m getting my little ones stylishly loved-up with these adorable looks from Gamboree. $6-$35 (currently on sale $5-$28)

Kusmi St. Petersburg Black Tea – In case anyone is wondering, I’ve been up since 4:50am! Getting a kid potty trained during the day is one thing. The nights are a whole different animal. The current cup of tea by my laptop is my happy salvation. The hint of caramel makes this a yummy treat for your taste buds and nose. I love it so much, I packed a tin in my labor & delivery bag for both births. #TeaNerd $18


How to Have Flawless Makeup All Day & Night

I love cake, but I hate the look of a cakey face. And, today, of all days – when I’m having lunch with some of the most fabulous ladies in the fashion/media/entertainment business, who I’m honored to call friends – it’s especially important to look flawless.

Since I have to put on my makeup really early – 6am or 7am before I feed the kids – I rely on two beauty must-have (and trust me I had using that turn, but these ARE must-haves!!) to ensure there is no flaking or caking, even if the first few hours of my day are devoted to running circles around the living room couch with my daughter or rolling around on a mat with my son.

Sweat has nothing on me when I’m armed with:

IT Cosmetics Feel The Moment Primer Serum – hydrates the skin to help the makeup go on smoother. Plus, it has anti-aging components, so I’m feeding my face really good stuff throughout the day. And, the serum smells like the spa, so already I’m having a good day.

Urban Decay All Night Makeup Setting Spray – seals up your look with a perfect, long-lasting kiss. Makeup artists have used this on me before TV shoots, and it’s really one of the best setting sprays on the market. For those wondering, there is no smell and it’s paraben free. p2beauty_012915_1










Enhance Eye Beauty, 1-Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses

I’ve never cared to change the color of my eyes, but out of curiosity, I recently attended Johnson & Johnson’s launch of 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Brand Contact Lenses. The promise was that they will “enhance the natural appearance and brightness of the eyes”. The results were eye opening, pun intended!

When I tried 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Brand Contact Lenses I found that they accentuated my eyes and awakened the overall look of my face. Unlike old-school color lenses, these lenses play with the beauty of your existing and unique iris by using iris-inspired designs that have light-effect patterns that add depth and dimension without changing the eye’s natural coloring.

The really awesome part is the clearly defined outline that is created around the iris (aka the limbal ring). Fancy research* shows that people are more attracted to women and men with limbal rings, as limbal rings are associated with a healthy and youthful appearance. I definitely had sparkle in my eyes and extra bounce in my step, following the press event. I’ve since switched my contacts to 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Brand Contact Lenses. What can I say, beauty is addictive.

The lenses are available in three styles: Natural Sparkle, Natural Shimmer and Natural Shine. I’m wearing Natural Shine, which is the most effective option for chocolate, brown eyes. If you have lighter eyes, the effects will be much more dramatic. A box of 30 lenses costs $75. Find out where you can get these lenses at

Above: Natural Eyes Below: Enhanced Eyes with 1-Day Acuvue Define Brand Lenses in Natural Shine