5 Slimming Swimwear Secrets + Confidence is Sexy

Slimming swimwear secrets isn’t something I would normally write about or discuss. After all, slipping into a swimsuit brings anxiety to most women, especially those of us who have given birth.

But something clicked when I turned 35, last month – something that began to brew about two years ago – insane sexual confidence.

Yup, I’m saying it – mama feels sexy. And, it’s not because I’m finally able to work out two or three times a week, or because I’m fueling with the best (usually) foods. It’s just I feel confident.

CONFIDENCE is the biggest tip for looking good.

Haven’t you ever wondered how some women or men get attention? You can’t keep your eyes off them, even it they aren’t “classically beautiful” – whatever that might mean?!? It’s that inner glow, that self-awareness of greatness, that quiet confidence that you simply gravitate towards.

So, here I am at 35, feeling happier in my skin than I did when I was 25. In fact, on my 35th B-day trip to St. Berths, I wore swimwear I never thought I could pull off. And, best of all, I got all my girlfriends in on the sexy, confidence mama train.

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Here are my Sexy Slimming Swimwear Tips. And, yes, CONFIDENCE is one of the tips!

Slimming Swimwear Tip – Swimwear with Shapewear  

About 5-and-a-half-years ago, week’s after giving birth to Ilana, I found myself at my friend’s bachelorette party in Miami. I wasn’t terribly large, but skin was hanging in places that didn’t rock my world. That’s when I found Magicsuit, which seriously makes you look 10 pounds slimmer in seconds. If you haven’t tried it, invest in one piece. To this day, I still rock their sexy styles when I want extra control and confidence. Also, look into Miraclesuit, which has the same shapewear, but styles are more traditional, vs. Magicsuit which has bolder, edgier options.  Note: sizes run small. I wear a 4 or 6.

Slimming Swimwear Tip – Black Swimsuits

Black is elegant, looks good on all skin tones, and it’s a naturally slimming color. You can play around with a deep v, if you want to showcase your chest, or look for a black with black mesh for texture contrast. Don’t think of black as boring. And, use your hat and sunglasses to add pops of color.

Slimming Swimwear Tip – Color Blocking Swimsuits

Color blocking is a great way to draw attention the parts of the body that you wish to spotlight, while making other parts of the body appear slipper. If you want to draw attention away form hips and belly, let that part be a black or dark navy, while your chest can be white or any light shade. To make your waist appear smaller, look for styles that have a half moon design at each side of the hip-to-waist area.

1. Miraclesuit Marrakech Temptation $168 // 2. Robin Picconi Striped Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit $148 // 3. Longitude Colorblock Hugh Neck One Piece Swimsuit $62 // 4. Solid & Striped Ballerina Surplice Over the Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit $158

Slimming Swimwear Tip – Size Up + Mix & Match Sizes

Size up. And, mix up sizes. The last thing you want is for you fit into a 6, but you check is slightly falling out on the side, or you booty is being pitched and created two extra cheeks. Don’t worry about the number, think about overall fit. You should be comfortable and not overflowing. Same goes for two-piece bikinis. Find a shop that let’s you mix and match. Few of us are a medium top and bottom. I have a friend who is a large bottom and a small top, and another who is an large top and an extra small bottom.

Slimming Swimwear Tip – Confident is King

What would you say to your daughter, or son, if they voice concerns about their appearance? … Exactly! Now, say those same words of wisdom to yourselves. Mamas, your body had produced life. Holly shit! Own your journey and wear confidence like it’s your second skin. Now, I’m not saying don’t think about working out and eating well and sleeping and keeping up a healthy life, but know that how you view yourself is how the world views you.  When you walk onto the beach feeling good about yourself, that’s the real secret to sexy.

Slimming Swimwear Secrets and Confidence Pamela Pekerman